5 Security Features Every Business Needs Right Now

5 Security Features Every Business Needs Right NowSource: Flickr

Security is a major concern across all industries. There is nothing more terrifying that a theft or burglary at your place of work. Why? Because it could cost your company thousands in damages. While the insurance will usually cover the losses, it can take months to come in. That certainly doesn’t help you fulfil the latest orders, or stick to your high demand. If you’re going to grow your business without interruptions, you need to consider these security threats. In the modern age, threats to security come from all angles. Traditional theft and burglaries are still a huge problem. But, now businesses must also monitor their internet activity, and prevent cyber theft and data breach.

1. Automatic Gates

When it comes to access to your business premises, it pays to act with caution. Your first step here is installing sophisticated electric gates. That will make sure that only employees with a strict access code can gain entry to the site. You can even hire a security guard to monitor these entrances. Overnight, while the facility is closed down, these automatic gates will help ward off intruders. Remember, most thieves are not criminal masterminds. They’re simply local thieves looking for a quick way in. A strong perimeter is usually all it takes to keep people out.

2. CCTV Cameras

It might sound like an outdated solution, but they’re still the best way to protect your business premises. First of all, the sight of CCTV cameras is enough to put most thieves off. They won’t risk getting caught on camera. If the worst happens, and a burglary does take place, CCTV cameras will help identify the thieves. You’ll get your cargo back quickly, and you’re more likely to put the thieves behind bars.

3. Motion Sensors And Automated Lights

These security features are your first line of defence when it comes to your office or warehouse. We advise lining your perimeter with motion sensors and triggered lights. If the sensors are tripped, it will flood the area with light. It will also put the CCTV cameras on high alert, and target them directly to the intruder’s location. We like to make sure our security features all work together as one unit.

4. Encryption And Firewalls

Now that we’ve taken care of the outdoor security threats, it’s time to look inside. One of the biggest threats now comes from data breach and cyber security. Some of the biggest companies on the planet have recently been hacked and exposed. That means it can happen to you too. Start by using sophisticated encryption codes and firewalls to hide your most important documents. Change the encryption key and passwords regularly too.

5. Backups

Of course, you must also keep a number of secure backups, in case the worst happens. By backing up your confidential files, and sensitive data, you reduce the risk of hacks and break-ins. Rather than keeping those files on site, send them to sophisticated cloud storage units. It’s the safest and most secure way to secure your files.

Remember, you can never be too careful when it comes to your business. Take active steps to keep your company secure. Where are the weaknesses in your business?