5 Steps To Better Branding For Small Businesses

5 Steps To Better Branding For Small BusinessesSource: Flickr

If you are a small business or a startup company, then there’s a good chance you haven’t thought about branding properly. When you are a small dot in a vast ocean, there doesn’t seem too much point, right? But, if you have any plans to grow beyond your comfort zone and make your business better, then it’s something you should be thinking about. Here are several tips that will help you make your name synonymous with what you do.

1. Define Who You Are

If you aren’t quite sure who you are, then you can’t expect your customers to, either. Have a sit-down and thrash out some ideas about what your business does – down to a minute level. For example, you might sell pizzas, but there are a lot of pizza sellers. But if you can get yours out and served within ten minutes from ordering, then you are a ten-minute pizza company. And that makes you stand out from the crowd.

2. Talk To One Person

Every business should have its ideal customer. And everything you say as a company should be aimed at that ideal. Be consistent on your website, in your store, on your social media accounts and everywhere else you have contact with customers. Be open, honest, helpful, and you will soon find that your brand becomes recognised as a leading example in your industry. Sure, you might not grow to cover the whole country, but in your locale? There is every chance you can excel.

3. Bring Your Product To The People

One of the biggest issues that small companies face is that they just don’t have the exposure needed for their product to catch on. But there’s no point waiting for new customers to come to you, and you are often better off bringing it to them. Try and get up close and personal with your customers, and think about using experiential marketing. There are some great ideas of how to do this – see Promotion1.com for more details. Essentially, it’s about getting eyes, ears – and hands – onto your product. If it’s good enough, you will see the rewards that you deserve.

4. Don’t Copy The Big Players

As a small business, you have an opportunity to be different to your big brand rivals. Don’t blow it by copying their every move. If they can beat you on price, make sure that you beat them on customer service or aftercare. You will always find something that you are better at – even if it just recognises people in your community. Find that difference, and make a huge song and dance about it.

5. Build Steady And Long-Lasting Relationships

Your best customers won’t be the ones that buy a one-off product from you. It’s the ones that come back time and time again that are your lifeblood. If you provide great service and build up relationships with your customers, you will form a stronger bond with them. Perhaps, a stronger bond than anything else on this list will give you. And that, to conclude, is excellent branding.