5 Steps To Great Customer Service

5 Steps To Great Customer ServiceSource: Pexels

Whether you run a business, you are an employee or you are just a client yourself, it is interesting to think about what makes great customer service. After all, so many of our decisions are based around the type of service we receive. In today’s world of video phones and social media, reputations can end up being won and lost in an instant. Customers are much more likely to talk about bad service that they have received rather than good service. So, let’s go through some of the main features that make up what we perceive as good or bad customer service.

1. Efficiency

In today’s digital world, people are a lot less patient than ever before. That means that good customer service is closely tied to speed and efficiency. People are much less likely to return to businesses in which that have been made to wait for an excessive amount of time. And that is part of the reason why so many jobs are becoming mechanised these days. Ultimately, a robot can do a job much quicker than a human, but they can’t provide that same personal touch…at least not yet!

2. Clear Communication

If you are looking to get into customer service or start a business, then clear communication should be something that you are always striving for. Check out a list of customer service jobs and this will be on most job specifications. Ultimately, a great deal of what is considered bad customer service is simply bad communication. It is the job of the person providing the customer service to make sure everything is being communicated clearly, but clients can also do their bit too as it is a two way street.

3. Empathy, Patience and Consistency

Customers are grateful when they feel listened to and that their problems really matter. People who provide great customer service appear always empathetic, even when they are not feeling it! Difficult customers are going to appear in all types of business, so having patience is another essential aspect of customer service. Finally, everyone like to feel like they are being treated fairly so staying consistent as much as possible marks out good and bad customer service.

4. Knowledge

5 Steps To Great Customer Service

Source: Pexels

Customers come to a particular business ahead of others because they rely on their specialist knowledge. The level of knowledge you have really depends on what level you are at. For example, if you are a business owner, you are expected to know your field inside and out. If you work in customer service, you are still expected to have a good level of insight, but people will understand more if answers require extra detail that you need to look up.

5. Adaptability

5 Steps To Great Customer Service

Source: Pexels

Businesses that offer great customer service are expected to be adaptable and can change their approach from customer to customer. It is also a continual learning process. Companies benefit from experience in this field, but at the same time, businesses that have been around for a long time risk becoming complacent with regards to customer service.