5 Ways To Better Connect With Your Online Customers

5 Ways To Better Connect With Your Online CustomersSource: Pexels

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Without them, you are guaranteed to fail. Therefore, you need to find new ways to connect with your clients, maintain their interest in your product, and keep them coming back for more.

Having a website is only the start. Yes, it is a place for your customers to come to and browse the products you have available. However, you need to be more than the person sitting on the other end of the computer. You need to engage with the people who visit your site and enhance their experience by delivering a personal touch.

Here are several ways you can improve your customer service and enhance their experience.

1. Conduct a Survey

You haven’t got the time to speak to all of your customers individually, but a survey will be an easy and efficient way of finding out about the people who visit your site. Ask them for feedback on your product, and put into action any suggestions they have. Also, ask your customers how easy they find using your website. If they suggest changes, thank them, and do what you can to make your site more user-friendly.

2. Communication Features

You can’t always be online, so a contact form on your website is a must for out of hours communication. However, when you are online, it’s possible to add chat features with this
free bot builder. Being able to talk to somebody in real time, without the need for an expensive phone call, is something a lot of customers appreciate. You can add other bots to your website, incorporating Skype, Messenger and email functionalities, ensuring your customers have a number of ways to reach you.

3. Send Out Newsletters

You don’t want to spam your customers with too many newsletters, either through email or in the post, but occasional updates about your product will remind your customers you still exist. Always have a point to your letter, with relevant information instead of a sentimental ‘missing you’ message. Make sure you give your customers the option to unsubscribe from your mailouts, as you want to draw them back to you and not turn them away in frustration.

4. Reward Your Customers

People like to feel special, so rewarding your loyal customers is a great way of saying thank you to them for buying your product. Special offers, discounted products, and free shipping are just some of the ways you can reward your regular customers, ensuring they keep buying from you.

5. Blog/Vlog

You don’t want to blog about your personal life, but writing something with a hint of your personality is a great way of letting your customers know more about you, as well as the product you sell. Ensure you update it regularly, with new information and offers. Alternatively, you could also try vlogging (video blogging), letting your customers see and hear you directly. Again, this isn’t your opportunity for five minutes of fame. Rather, showcase your product while letting people see the human face behind your business.