5 Ways To Increase Your Email Click-Through Rate

5 Ways To Increase Your Email Click-Through RateSource: Pexels

Email marketing can be one of those promotional methods that you always mean to start but never get around to. Because it can often seem a lot more complicated than it is. Then, when you do start to use email marketing in your business, you can often feel like the results are just not where they should be. One of the reasons for this could be that your Click Through Rate (CTR) isn’t as high as it could be. The aim of email marketing should always be to encourage a response, whether that’s to purchase, get more information, or follow you on a social profile. So, to increase that response, you need to work on your CTR.

1. Personalise the Email

To start with, you should think about giving your emails a personal touch. And no, this isn’t about branding, but personalising the email to your audience instead. So pick out a design by seeing email newsletter examples here and getting to work. When you have your design, you should then think about going beyond the aesthetics and including personalisation by name, or even location. If you sell products, you could also tailor the information based on your customer’s purchase history.

2. Personalise the Call to Action

You should also consider personalising the call to action that you use in each email too. It’s important to always have a Call To Action (CTA) so that you’re encouraging the reader to act. But if you want to increase that CTR, you should also make this personalised. Instead of using the word “your” in your CTA, think about changing it to “my” so that the CTA makes sense when your customer or prospect is reading it.

3. Go for Resends

You should also always look to do resends of any emails that didn’t get opened. It may be that your customer or prospect just didn’t get around to it, and if you want to get that CTR up, you need to encourage opens – so try a different email title and go again. You can also do the same when readers don’t click. Try the same kind of content with a different look or layout and see if that works instead.

4. Go for Quantity Over Quality

Then, you’re also going to want to make sure that all of your emails count. If you’re sending out lots just for the sake of it, you could be damaging your own CTR. The best way to make your emails effective is to make them relevant. Don’t send something second-rate out just because you feel like you need to send X amount per month. Make sure your content counts.

5. Have Multiple Emails

Finally, you should also make sure that you have the right emails to go with the right occasions. As well as newsletters, you should think about using triggered emails too. These trigger email examples should show you why they’re important. You can use them for when someone signs up, or they make a purchase, or even something more specific so that you can make sure your customer gets what they need from you and clicks through.