6 Great Sources Of Entrepreneurial Inspiration And Advice

6 Great Sources Of Entrepreneurial Inspiration And AdviceSource: Pixabay

Many people have a sense that they were meant to do something special in the world. They’re not content with the nine to five. They want to push boundaries and open up new opportunities. These are the people we fondly call entrepreneurs.

But where should these people turn for inspiration and advice?

1. Yourself

Cliched? Perhaps. True? Certainly. Your mind and ideas are what makes you unique. And it’s that uniqueness that is at the heart of the entrepreneurial spirit. If you’re dissatisfied with the way the world is, search deeply within yourself for an idea that could make it better. Then run with it.

Don’t underestimate your own creative potential.

2. Industry Publications

Right now, you probably have your eye on an industry that you want to shake up. But without knowing more about that industry, it’s hard to know what ideas are marketable and what ideas aren’t.

A good place to start is with industry magazines and journals. By building up a knowledge base, you’ll increase your chances of connecting the dots to create an original idea. Thanks to the internet, most leading magazines are indexed online. Click here to see the list.

3. Your Coach

Entrepreneurs tend to be quite headstrong individuals. And, given what they’re trying to achieve, they have to be. But that doesn’t meant that they can’t benefit from a bit of outside advice. They have needs, just like anybody else.

But what a lot of entrepreneurs don’t realise is how important having a second brain in the room can be. Your mentor is a resource you can bounce ideas off. Some of those ideas will stick, and sometimes they’ll give you ideas that can form the basis of new inspiration.

4. Google

Let’s face it, we’ve all asked Google burning questions at some point. And although our favourite search engine used to be quite bad at finding answers, it’s getting a lot better. These days you can punch in a question using natural language and Google will search through content to find the answer.

For those looking for inspiration, this can be a godsend. Once you’re able to find the answer to your questions, you’re in a much better position to ask the next question. In fact, you start to build up a picture of which questions are relevant and which questions aren’t. This way you’re much better positioned to ask better questions and get a better result.

5. Life Changing Events

Most of us go through some difficult times as we get older. Perhaps a loved one dies or we get sick or our finances are shot.

Whatever it is, these catastrophes can drive inspiration. Successful entrepreneurs are able to take the negative energy of a bad situation and transform it into a force for good.

6. Stakeholders

Perhaps you already run a successful business. Great.

There’s just one problem. Your role has devolved into that of a manager and you’ve lost that entrepreneurial role. Want to get it back? Go to your stakeholders for ideas and insights and start driving your company forwards again. They’ll soon put you back on the right track.