6 Ways To Save Money And The Environment In Your Office

6 Ways To Save Money And The Environment In Your OfficeSource: Max Pixel

Saving money and saving the environment sounds like something that you would like to do in your business’s office, on so many levels, right? Well, you can do this. You can do this if you are willing to do things like change the way in which you source the materials and equipment used in your office. You can do this if you are willing to pay great amounts of attention to ensuring that things are turned off when not used in your office. And you can do this if you are willing to put the advice below into practice.

1. Choose Greener Office Supplies

More often than not, opting for greener office supplies is going to result in you helping the environment and helping your business’s bank balance at the same time. And there are plenty of green office supplies out there that provide these things for you to opt for and switch to. You could and should, for instance, opt for using compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) to light up your office during the dark days and nights of winter instead of using bog standard incandescent light bulbs. You should do so because CFLs use electricity to excite gas, whereas incandescent bulbs use it to heat it, and the end result is that the former are far friendlier to the environment and the natural resources that bulbs specifically use than the latter. And, you should do so because CFLs use an astonishing 75% less energy than their incandescent cousins and last much, much longer; this would result in you cutting down on your electric bill and the money spent on changing bulbs if this switch were to be made.

2. Recycle Office Supplies

Whenever and wherever you can in your office you should be recycling as it both helps to save on your business’s carbon emissions and save you some money whilst this happens. First of all, you should be ensuring all of the employees that work in your office are throwing their rubbish away in the correct bins and that this recycled rubbish is then sent to a recycling plant. You should also be looking to source recycled materials in your office too. You should do these things as it will give the earth the chance to reuse things, rather than create new things that will ultimately destroy it.

And you should do these things because you will save a boatload of money for doing so. For instance, you can tap into the discounts that sourcing companies offer to businesses for recycling their materials. What you can also do is find basic office equipment on the cheap; you can find cheap printer cartridges, for instance, due to the fact that they have been remanufactured. So, if you want to cut down on your business’s carbon footprint and the money it needs to pay out for its basic office equipment then make sure to recycle whenever you can and only buy remanufactured goods.

3. Make Sure Everything Is Switched Off

Simply, if something is not being used, switch it off. Switch if off because you won’t harm the environment unnecessarily when you do so. Switch if off because you won’t be wasting money unnecessarily when you do so either. This could mean switching off TVs in your office’s staff room when nobody is in there to watch them. And this definitely means switching lights off whenever nobody is around to use them.

4. Switch To Laptops

It really is now time, if you haven’t done so already, to get rid of all your office’s old computers and bring in laptops. This could mean buying business laptops and locking them up in your office at night. It could mean providing your employees with a business laptop of their own and asking them to bring it with them to work each day. Or it could mean allowing your employees to bring their own laptops in with them to work, provided their laptop has been vetted and is safe to connect to your business’s Internet connection. However you introduce the use of laptops into your office’s everyday working environment, just make sure you do. By doing so your office will use not even a quarter of the power it would have done or even did when it used computers — and, of course, the less power used the safer the environment stays and the smaller the electricity bill you ultimately have to pay.

5. Make Use Of Natural Light

Natural light matters in the workplace. By moving all the working desks in your office into positions that allow them to be bathed in sunlight during the working day, you cut down on the possibility of having to turn the lights on. And when the lights are switched off, you help to protect the environment against the previously mentioned plight that is wasted energy and you stand yourself in good stead of saving a bucket load of cash. So, move the working spaces in your office into spaces that are provided with as much sunlight as possible.

6. Telecommunicate Whenever You Can

Of course, sometimes — most of the time — it is better for you to be right in the thick of what is happening with your business, and this means being in the office as much as possible. But in order to truly do your bit in saving the environment and cut down on a number of expenses whilst you do so, try telecommunicating. This means doing your work at home from time to time and communicating with your employees via VoIP services, such as Skype or FaceTime. By doing so you can save on the emissions given off by your travelling to the office, you save on the costs of having to do this and you get to stay at home during your working day — so, everybody wins!

If you want to save some cash when it comes to your office in order to improve other areas of your business then make sure to take heed of the advice above. Bad doing so, you will help to save the environment too.