7 Ways Industry Depends On The Humble Weighing Scale

7 Ways Industry Depends On The Humble Weighing ScaleSource: Pixabay

You might not realise it, but the humble weighing scale is essential for the way we run our lives. It’s front a centre of most supply chains and a key part of the way we trade commodities. In this post, we’re going to discuss all the ways that industry depends on weighing scales. So let’s get started.

1. Without Scales, Trucks Would Destroy Roads And Bridges

When companies transport goods by truck, they want to know the tonnage. Why? Because vehicles that are overloaded can damage themselves and the roads and bridges they drive along. Thus, a truck that’s too heavy can result in substantial maintenance costs. Firms need to know how much a truck weighs before sending it out on delivery. Now they’re so popular there are digital weight scale presentations online showing how to use them.

2. Without Scales, Baggage Handling Would Be A Nightmare

Airports depend on the fast handling of the baggage of all the thousands of people traveling through the terminal on any given day. We’ve gotten used to it now, but baggage weighers are what make our trips through airports convenient. Modern luggage weighing scales communicate with computerised systems. And these systems calculate quickly how much we owe the airline for our luggage.

3. Without Scales, People Would Get Hurt

Before the invention of forklift truck weighing scales, driving a forklift truck was dangerous. You never knew whether the thing you were trying to lift was too heavy for the truck itself. But thanks to scales, that’s no longer a problem. Forklift truck scales attach to the forks on a forklift truck. Then an indicator in the driver’s cabin tells them the precise amount of weight that they are lifting

4. Without Scales, Mail Would Be Impossible

Just imagine for a moment what it would be like for mail companies if they had to guess how much each item weighed before shipping. It would be a nightmare. They wouldn’t be able to price anything accurately. And as a result, the whole mail industry would grind to a halt.

5. Without Scales, Traders Couldn’t Trade

A lot of the goods that traders trade are measured regarding their weight. Just think of gold, silver, oil and coffee. Without great scales, these products could never be traded because nobody would know how much they were getting.

6. Without Scales, Factories Would Shut Down

Have you ever seen a modern factory making widgets operating? It’s quite amazing. Every second, hundreds of bottles, or apples or whatever pass down a conveyor belt. And each item is processed just according to u plan. But have you wondered how the whole thing works? Well, it all depends on weight. Factories are full of weighing scales that calculate how much material to use at different stages. Without them, factories would quickly grind to a halt. There would be no way of counting or checkweighing inputs.

7. Without Scales, Container Ships Would Fall Over

Right now big container ships price based on the weight of containers. How do they do it? Well, it’s easy really. They use a big, container-sized scale. But without that scale, it wouldn’t be possible to load container ships evenly. In other words, they could fall over.