7 Ways To Save Money On Transportation During A Trip To New York City

7 Ways To Save Money On Transportation During A Trip To New York CitySource: Pexels

Navigating the Big Apple is fairly easy, thanks to a marvellous mass transit system. Tourists in NYC don’t face too many difficulties reaching their destinations thanks to the convenient subway system and abundant buses, and taxis that are available. Unplanned trips can be costly, and that could cut into your budget. So if you want to save money to do the fun things you planned on doing in New York, take a look at some money-saving transportation tips.

Here are some ways to save money on transportation during a NYC trip:

1. Hop On Hop Off

Hop On Hop Off New York tours are a smart way to cut transportation costs. You can book a double-decker bus in advance that ingeniously maps out all the sites and attractions a tourist could possibly want. The pass allows riders to hop on and off at their discretion

2. Metro Card Subway Pass

The subway system is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get around NYC. A Metro Card helps tourists with unlimited rides, depending on the type of card purchased. The pass is especially helpful for first-timers who want to cover a lot of territory.

3. Long Island and Metro-North RailRoad

Traveling by train is exciting and fun and tourists can’t pass up a visit to famed Grand Central or Penn Stations. The schedules and maps are easy to understand, and trains usually run every hour on the hour and more often during peak hours. New Jersey Transit is also easily accessed from Penn Station.

4. Be a Pedestrian

The best way to explore NYC is on foot. Stroll around the boroughs and get a real feel for neighbourhoods like Chinatown and Little Italy. Walk in Central Park or the High Line. Night walking is particularly fun and exciting!

5. Bike

Biking is one of the most inexpensive ways to get around the city. It’s fun and exhilarating and offers a lot of freedom with being able to stop and begin at your own pace. There are excellent bike tours available that cover major points of interest, like the Brooklyn Bridge or Central Park.

6. Driving

Renting a car can be a costly proposition, but can be done wisely if the cost is shared with a group. So, the choices are all yours to weigh in on when it comes to driving or not to. But yes, before taking to driving, you should compare the convenience and comfort with a train ride.

7. Plan Your Parking

Hourly parking fees in NYC tend to be extremely steep. So, the goal should be to avoid daily or hourly rates and rather look for a flat rate. Tourists must get coupons or a parking pass ahead of time to escape steep rates. Check for online coupons that will save both time and money.