A Useful Guide To Help You Plan A Corporate Event

A Useful Guide To Help You Plan A Corporate EventSource: Flickr

Planning a company event takes months of planning, so never assume you can simply throw something together and hope people have a good time. As you will realise, there is much at stake. For starters, you want to look professional, otherwise customers and investors will lose respect in you. A badly organised event can sabotage your business, rather than enhance it.

So, whether you are planning a launch event as we highlighted at Spoutfire.com, or something to satisfy customers and investors, here is a helpful guide to make sure you have everything you need in place.

1. Budget

How much money do you have to spend? Factor in venue hire, catering, staff and entertainment. A corporate event isn’t cheap, so make sure you have the money in your reserves. Thebalance.com has some helpful ideas to help you plan. While you don’t want to blow all your money on a dynamic light show to give people an evening to remember, you don’t want to be too cheap and give people an event they would sooner forget.

2. Hire a Venue

The venue needs to be suitable for the amount of people attending, and relevant to your needs. There are flexible options at Goyastudios.com, with lighting and stage options to suit a range of different events. However, whatever venue you decide on, make sure it is appropriate. For example, consider disabled access, room sizes, and on-hand technology to make your event go smoothly.

3. Catering

You may want to use your staff, or family and friends to help provide drinks and food for the evening. Certainly, this will be the cheaper option, although hiring a professional catering company will alleviate a lot of your stress, and guarantee a respected service to your attendees.

You may not want to organise a three-course meal, but at the very least a buffet should be available, as well as drinks throughout the evening. Knowing what type of event you are holding should help you decide on your food options, so take a look at Veniceristorante.com for some useful ideas.

4. Consider Travel Needs

For starters, the venue should have parking spaces available to accommodate your guests. You may also need to help people who are arriving via public transport and find the best options for them. Send out a map to all your attendees, ensuring they can find the venue through whatever transport option they are using.

5. Advertising

One of the reasons for holding an event is to advertise the business in question. You need plenty of business cards and flyers that will attract people to you. Branding will also help, so ensure your company logo and message is advertised everywhere throughout the night.

6. Timetable Activities

Finally, from icebreakers to key note speakers, plan the evening in advance. Allow time for unforeseen difficulties, and consider alternative arrangements should something go wrong. Having a timetable will ensure the event doesn’t go on all night or finish too early. You need to keep your attendees interested, so a variety of activities will ensure they don’t fall asleep or get bored.