Are You a Risk Taker? Your Online Gaming Profile Will Tell

Are You a Risk Taker? Your Online Gaming Profile Will TellSource: Pexels

In case you have been trying to evaluate whether or not to take risks when making investments in your business, or can’t decide on your next move, you might need to look at your gaming profile to understand yourself better. Our behaviour when we are playing and chatting with people, fully relaxed, tells a lot about our choices in business and our personal life. Pay attention to the trends, and you will be understanding your weaknesses and strengths better in the future.

1. The Games You Play

If you are happy to play free games and don’t risk your money, you are more likely to keep it safe in the business, as well. You know that any money you lose will be missing from somewhere. You are responsible, and want to know that you will get your money back from the investment. For you, savings accounts, government-backed bonds, and investment opportunities that promise safe return are the best option. If you play for money and don’t mind losing and winning, you get more fun out of the bet than the smart choices.

2. The Risks You Take

You might be playing Candy Crush with your friends regularly, and get the buzz out of beating them on different levels, but it doesn’t mean you are a gambler. If you are willing to invest money for upgrades to win every time, you are clearly a risk taker. If you can set yourself a limit, you are smart with money, but also love the buzz. Check out to find out what the best option for your comfortable risk level is.

3. The Time You Spend Making Decisions

If you would rather evaluate the situation before you click the button, you are likely to be a person who takes business decisions seriously. This might sometimes lead to procrastination, so you must work on your decision-making skills, so you don’t miss important opportunities.

4. Collaboration

There is one aspect in which gaming can improve your business performance, and this is collaboration. If you play games in which you need to work with other people and create a shared strategy, you are able to improve your communication and collaboration skills, which will help you with becoming a better leader over time.

5. Your Research and Attitude

If you find yourself watching videos and tutorials of your favourite online game to improve your skills, you have high standards and might be a maximalist. You want to know everything about the task at hand, so you can improve your chances for success. Make sure that you don’t over-contemplate on the issue, and learn to say that you are “good enough”. You cannot be the best at everything, and you might be wasting too much time being bogged down in small details.

Your gaming profile will tell a lot about your attitude towards risk and decisions. If you would like to know more about your skills and development areas, you might want to assess your behaviour during play, when you are acting in a natural way. This will teach you a few lessons about yourself as a person and a manager.