Are You Treating Your Employees Right?

Are You Treating Your Employees Right?Source: Pexels

You might think you’re the best boss in the world, but your employees could be thinking the exact opposite. It all depends on who you are as a person, and how you’ve let running a business affect you. Some people let the power go straight to their heads, and it can often be disastrous for how your employees see you. But at the end of the day, you should always want them to view you in the best light. You should be the person they look to for guidance, not the person then run from if they hear you coming! So to make sure you’re treating your employees right, we’ve put together a few points to make sure you are.

1. Pay

This will probably be up for debate between your employees, not that you’ll ever hear anything about it. For the work they do, some employees are so underpaid there really isn’t any point in them doing the work they do. Sometimes you have to pay them what you do due to finances etc. But if you know your company is making a fair bit of money, there’s no reason why you can’t make their paycheque a little more appealing at the end of every month, especially if they’re working hard. You can also enhance their pay by protecting your employee financial wellbeing. There are companies out there that you can register your employees to, and who will guide them with making sure they’re making wise decisions with their money. As much as you might not be able to pay them more, it is always good to look out for them in other ways. Showing them you care is exactly what you need.

2. Your Attitude

Your attitude towards them is going to play a big part in how hard they actually work for you. If you present yourself as this big scary boss who is always moaning or picking out faults in the work, they’re obviously going to fear you slightly. You want to try and keep the relationship between you and your employees professional, but at the same time make sure you’re friendly and a bit more down to earth to them. Trust us, you’ll get a lot more out of them if you take that approach. If they’re always seeing you happy and smiling, even if it is just in passing, they’re going to have a lot more confidence when it comes to actually talking to you. Making sure you know them all is important as well, on a person to person basis. At the very least, you want to try and remember everyone’s name and build some form of rapport with them.

3. Their Benefits

If you want to keep your employees entertained and motivated at work, you’re going to have to put some benefits in place. Even down to giving them an hour long paid break to get away from work and recharge is going to keep them keen. It is something not a lot of places do either!