A number of people choose to go fishing all by themselves as fishing alone has its own advantages. When all alone on a fishing trip, you can fish at your own pace without having anyone to answer to. Fishing alone can be the best experience of your life, taking you away from all the problems of daily life, relaxing you completely, provided you take some precautions and prepare yourself well in advance. Even if you know how to swim, when fishing alone make sure you follow some important rules. Below are some of the vital things anglers going all alone on a fishing trip should avoid doing.

1. The first and the most important thing when going fishing alone is that don’t take anything for granted. Planning is the key and you need to know every aspect of the fishing trip before commencing it. Know in advance the fishing ground, which technique, bait, is to be used etc.

2. You should never forget to inform someone about your fishing location and timing of your expedition. It is always advisable to carry some form of identification so that in case of any emergency someone can be notified about it.

3. Don’t start your fishing trip without having knowledge about the fishing laws applicable in your state. This is essential as most of the states need you to procure a fishing license before you can begin fishing. Apart from this, there are other rules you need to be aware of such as certain fishing species that are prohibited, the bait to be used and so on. Thus, ensure you are well-aware of the fishing rules of the area you plan to fish in and if you have any doubt you should clarify it with the local government officials.

4. One of the most significant and basic rule you should bear in mind when fishing alone is never ever try to catch a fish that is larger than your boat can handle. So, if you intend to catch a shark in a small boat then you are putting yourself in danger and your boat can be dangled too during the course of trying to catch a big fish like a shark. Don’t let your enthusiasm overpower your judgment about the size of the fish you need to catch in proportion to the size of your craft. If you are alone then it is better that you opt for a safer and simpler technique than one that can pose threat to your life.

5. It is important that you don’t forget to pack yourself a healthy and filling lunch. Although fishing is considered as a leisure activity, it can be very strenuous, requiring you to maintain high energy levels at all times during the trip.

6. Sometimes, though you might feel bored waiting for the catch, never resort to drinking alcohol when fishing. This is because consuming alcohol can severely impair your judgment and result in accidents.

7. No matter what time of the year you are planning to go on a fishing trip on your own, you should remember to carry all important fishing equipment and gadgets with you. Do pick up a compass or GPS unit, which will help you to keep track of the area you are in or help you find your way out in case you are lost.

8. A mostly ignored thing when going fishing alone is clothing. You should always dress according to the weather conditions when on a fishing trip. It would be a good idea to wear a hat, apply sun block lotion to safeguard yourself against sun. Also, avoid wearing slippery shoes and bulky woollen sweaters. You might want to choose such clothing that will easily blend with the surrounding area so that the fish will not notice you.

9. Don’t ignore any danger signs and do rely on your gut feeling. Stop fishing if you have hurt yourself and get medical help as soon as possible.

10. Last but not least is that you don’t forget to talk to other anglers who have been on solo fishing trips. This will help you get practical tips that will make a huge difference for a successful catch.

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