Driverless car technology is improving all of the time but it’ll still be a good few years before we’ve given up on driving completely. That means that people are still going to have accidents and they’ll need somebody to repair that damage. Bumps and scrapes are pretty common so a car spraying business is a fairly safe venture that will always have a pretty steady flow of customers. There aren’t too many costs involved with setting one up so if you’re looking for a good business that’s fairly simple to set up, car spraying is a good choice. Before you get started, read these simple tips to avoid any unnecessary mistakes.

1. Franchising

Starting your own company from scratch is one option but it means that you’ll have to build a customer base from nothing. Looking into franchising opportunities is an easy way to get a bit of a head start. You’ll have the benefit of a well-known brand that customers can trust so it should be easier to get momentum going in the first few weeks and months. There are a couple of established brands that offer franchising opportunities so look into it and see where there are gaps in the local market that you can fill.

2. Equipment

Quality is key in this business. Unless you can cover up any scratches completely, you won’t get repeat customers. The way to ensure that you always get that level of quality is to invest in good quality equipment. It might be tempting to cut corners when you’re setting up but it’ll only harm you in the future. You’ll need a decent air compressor from somebody like Air Supplies, as well as auto grade spraying equipment. On top of that, you’ll need to buy some paint and rust removing equipment for older cars that need a bit of preparation before spraying. When you’re buying all of your equipment, don’t forget about safety gear. There are a lot of dangerous chemicals in the paint and if you don’t protect yourself properly you risk your employees getting sick. You’ll also be slapped with a hefty fine if you get caught spraying cars without making all of the necessary precautions.

3. Location

A good location is key as well. You need somewhere that people can easily get to because they aren’t going to come to you if they have to drive out into the middle of nowhere. Somewhere near a residential area is best. When you’re looking for a location, you need two things. A garage area where you can do the spraying itself, and a waiting area. Don’t neglect the waiting room because, although it’s not the most important aspect, customers will be spending a bit of time in there. If they have an unpleasant experience while they wait for their car to be sprayed, they’re unlikely to come back. Find somewhere spacious and redecorate it so it’s comfortable for people while they wait.

The car spraying business is a stable enterprise that has a solid target market. If you follow these steps and set it up right, it can make you some good money.

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