The deposition of waste is inevitable in any construction activity. However, this should not give you a sleepless night when your company is involved in drilling, so long as you can handle all the waste you produce and deal with it appropriately. Technology has become so instrumental in handling and preventing waste in the oil industry, and what best technology can one use better than solids control

Solid control is becoming more critical with an increase in technical demands for drilling for oil and gas. The use of high-efficiency solid control maximizing solids separations from drilling fluids improves drilling rates and reduces the rate of dilution, and even lowers drilling expenses further. Here are the reasons why solid control is becoming a game-changer in the oil industry.

1. Disposing of Waste Drilling Fluid

After completing collecting solids, the waste drilling fluid will have to be handled and dispose of. Usually, non-toxic waste does not necessarily have to be treated any further. Any oil-based or synthetic mud will have to be treated. This is because they are usually toxic and can cause so much damage to the environment’s surface. If these fluids are treated and disposed of well, it reduces the need to use more mud products to maintain the proper mechanisms and mud quality formation.

2. Economical

A company can make quality mud useful for recirculation. To do so, they have to keep the content of solid in the mud below five percent. And as they re-use mud and fluid several times, solid control will eventually become a more economical way of drilling oil.

3. Decrease Drill Bit Infiltration

It is critical to keep the concentration of solids in drilling mud down to a certain level as it helps reduce the excess drill bit penetration. This helps to dodge the risk of instability caused by long periods with an open borehole, and as a result, reduces drilling costs.

4. Safe and Effective Heat Transmission

Solid control services and mud cooling systems are suitable for use on drilling projects. They are designed for effective control of drilling fluid temperatures, and as a result, they improve safety and reduce costs. The system is skid mounted and certified fully for ease of transport of waste.

5. Safe Cleaning of Tanks and Pits

The system used for cleaning pits and tanks is complained and designed to reduce waste while operating safely in zones with a potentially explosive atmosphere. This is important as it minimizes exposure to hazardous materials, reclaims valuable fluids for re-use, safe transportation of dangerous fluids, and waste effectively. If further minimizes manual handling

6. Increase the Life of the Usable Fluid

Solid control has genuinely helped the oil industry to be more maintainable. When a company uses a better solid control system, it will increase their fluid’s usable life significantly by up to two to three times. This is advantageous to oil companies as it is no longer acceptable to dump mud or dilute it.

If you are considering solid control for your oil company, adopt this technology. It is the best option that will help you manage your waste and minimize the environmental impact that drilling may pose, saving you a lot of expenses.

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