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10 Worst Cities In America For Theft

10 Worst Theft America

The citizens of Houston are under attack by thieves and earned the dubious distinction of being the Number 1 city infected by burglars, according to the FBI. This bad news came on the heels of Houston being awarded the prize as the best economy in the country, according to the Brookings Institute. This good and… Read more »

3 Surprising Methods To Stop Snoring Now

Snoring can be a very aggravating problem. If a person shares the bed with another person, then this problem can be even more frustrating. Many people are sleep-deprived because they share a bed with a person who snores. Additionally, snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea, which is a very serious health problem. Fortunately,… Read more »

5 Harmful Myths About Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a problem for millions of people. For some it started as an escape, for others it was a way to cope with problems. Calling addiction a condition brings up the connotation of a disease. For many former addicts who would give advice on quitting, this can be a part of the harmful… Read more »