Basement Jaxx Create Twerking Robot ‘Twerkbot’ In New Music Video ‘Never Say Never’

Basement Jaxx Never Say Never Twerkbot

Basement Jaxx want to save dance. In the video for their new song Never Say Never, written and directed by Saman Kesh, they believe they have the answer in the form of a “twerking” robot known as Twerkbot.

Twerkbot is a bi-pedal wonder created to save mankind from losing touch with the art of dance. Using various sensory stimuli & JAXX patented buttocks technology, it mimics any form of lower body movement at near flawless accuracy. Whether its functions serve as a faithful instructor or a dance floor companion, one thing is certain…the Twerkbot will bring dance back to mankind.

Anthony Timmons is the founder of AMPt Design and runs

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