Black Materia – Hip-Hop Album Set To Music From Final Fantasy VII

Here is an interesting album I stumbled across on Spotify today. The album, called Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII, is a hip-hop album that features music from the classic PlayStation video game Final Fantasy VII. The music is rapped over by Random (Mega Ran) and Lost Perception, and the lyrics tell the story behind the original music from the game.

Final Fantasy VII fans will surely find this of interest, but even if you haven’t played it, or are familiar with the story or soundtrack then you may still enjoy this album as it is really well executed.

Black Materia is used to cast the spell Meteor, the “Ultimate Destructive Magic”, which is capable of destroying Gaia itself. Much of the plot of the original Final Fantasy VII revolves around the pursuit of the Black Materia, both by the game’s heroes (in order to safeguard it from those who would misuse it) and Sephiroth (who plans to use it to call forth Meteor as part of his plan to become a god-like being).

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