Decorating your home is a daunting task. From small details to the bigger picture, you have to make sure that everything flows well within the confines of your house. This can make the place homier and inviting not only to you but also to the people you live with. 

Having the right decor and details will also impress your guests when you invite them over. Let them feel like they’re in a picturesque place that’s both inviting and sophisticated.

All of these can be accomplished just by decorating your home the right way. Get to know how you can do that by browsing through the spoutFIRE article below. You can also find other spoutFIRE articles about home decor when you visit our homepage.

Decorating tips that can uplift your home

It’s now time to decorate your home! You don’t need to have home stagers or interior designers to achieve a look that’s sophisticated and chic. That’s all achievable all on your own if you follow these tips:

Figure out your decorating style

The first step to designing your home is figuring out your decorating style. This will define what you’re going to do when styling your home. It’ll also help you figure out which decorations to choose when you’re out shopping for decors. 

When decorating your home, the rule of thumb is to fit the style of your home’s interior to its exterior. This just means that whatever architectural style your house was designed in, you have to follow it when decorating. 

There are four popular home decorating styles that you should consider:

  1. Transitional

The transitional style goes with most homes. That’s because it’s a hybrid of modern and traditional. This is perfect for updating older home styles or warming up a newly constructed home. 

You can make use of dark woods and stone in transitional home decor, coupled with neutral colours and earthy reds, sages and olive greens as accent colours. Moreover, you can also use furniture with curvier and softer lines that can make your home look comfortable. 

  1. Modern

With modern home decor, your house will have well-tailored features and clean lines. This adds sophistication to the overall look of your home. You can make use of wood and earth tones to add a softer feel to the clean straight lines within the confines of your house. Moreover, add mid-century modern decor like sofas and other elements to make your home feel more vibrant. 

The modern home decoration style is mostly applied to ranch homes, art deco era homes and homes that were constructed during and after the 1950s. That’s because the decor adds personality to the architecture of the exterior. 

  1. Contemporary

When it comes to home decor, the contemporary style is the most minimalist of them all. Designing the interior only requires a few pieces that have both function and style. Additionally, colour pairings are normally black, white or grey to make the look more minimalistic and modern. 

Instead of wooden pieces, metals and glass are featured in a contemporary home. This adds sophistication to your home. It’s good to make use of the contemporary style when you’re working with smaller spaces or when you want to accentuate the natural features of your home like big windows or architectural details. 

  1. Farmhouse

If you’re looking for a more casual design for your home then the farmhouse style might suit you best. This style values cosiness and comfort over sophistication. You can add fun and whimsical elements to your home’s decor to make it more personalised and inviting. 

The farmhouse style is also low maintenance. Sofas are overstuffed for comfort and slipcovered so they wouldn’t accumulate too much dust and dirt. The wooden tables are also earthy and casual. Moreover, the colours and accent pieces should also have a vintage and antique store feel to them. 

Set the tone at the front door

Make a great first impression by setting the tone for your home right at your front door. This would be the first thing that would welcome not only the guests but you and your family as well. Having the right tone for your front door can set the mood for people entering your home. 

Often, people would choose neutral colours for front doors so that it fits the architectural style of their home. This doesn’t do good for setting the tone for your home. It’s best to use fun and glossy hues that not only accentuate the exterior but also set the mood upon entry to your home. 

Break down the decorating plan by room

Planning the decorations for your home all at once can be overwhelming. This can dissuade you from decorating your home properly. What you can do to avoid this is to decorate one room at a time. Prioritise which ones would require the most of your attention like the bedroom, kitchen and living room then decorate them one at a time so you wouldn’t get easily overwhelmed. 

Once you’ve finished with the high-priority rooms, you can move on to the other parts of your home. This can also help you with creating a cohesive look because the themes from the other rooms you’ve already decorated can influence your decisions on the ones that are yet to be decorated. 

Paint walls with light and neutral colours

It can be tempting to use vibrant colours in the entirety of your home to add personality to the style. However, this can be problematic, especially when you want to place furniture, appliances and accent pieces. 

The best way to go about your home decorating plans is to stick to neutral colours like beige or grey when painting the walls. This is especially important to the first floor of your home where flow is important. It can also make blending easier when adding accent pieces. This way, there are no jarring transitions between colours. 

Two small rooms can look larger when you paint them the same neutral colour. Add subtle variations from room to room by moving up or down a shade or two when picking a colour. 

Start with the biggest piece in the room first

Often, the biggest piece in the room is the most important and expensive. With this in mind, you have to start your decoration process with the biggest piece and then work your way from there. 

The biggest piece should be the highlight of the room. In the living room, it’s usually the sofa while in the dining hall, it’s the dinner table. The bedroom, on the other hand, should highlight the bed at the centre of everything. 

Aside from this, you should also consider investing in the biggest piece of the room. After all, this will be the most used furniture or appliance within that specific room. You can save money with the accent pieces but never skimp on the biggest piece. 

The sofas should talk to the chairs

Have you ever seen the lobby of a hotel? Did you notice that the furniture is arranged in groupings that invite conversation? You should apply this layout to your living room so you can have a similar sense of balance and intimacy in your living room. 

It’s ideal to have a u-shaped layout for your sofas and chairs, meaning that there should be a coffee table in the middle with the sofa and the two chairs facing each end of that table. You can also make use of the h-shape layout wherein the sofa is directly across the two chairs with a coffee table in the middle. 

The two layouts mentioned above can encourage people in your home to engage in conversations.

The sun should shine inside your kitchen

Your kitchen is heavy with activities. This is where you cook and eat meals together as a family. It’s only right if the sun shines through from the windows to encourage natural light to flow within the confines of the kitchen. 

If you’re planning to put drapes on the kitchen window, opt for fabrics with lighter colours. You should also consider the fabric type. It’s more elegant to place lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen and silk around your window because they tend to hang well. 

Layer lighting in your home

The rooms in your home should have at least three kinds of lighting namely: ambient, task and accent lighting. Ambient light provides overall illumination while accent lighting is more decorative and highlighting.

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