A home is one of the most important places in a person’s life. It must be safe, comfortable and look stylish as well. To have a stylish home, you must have an idea of art and its importance as well as an eye for creativity and functionality at the same time. This is exactly what we at Spoutfire aim to do for you. 

Get a better idea of how these tips can greatly help your designing process and turn your home into something that you are proud of in the coming sections: 

Come up with a specific vibe and colour scheme

Before you whip out the paint and the decorations, you must first come up with a theme that you will follow when designing your home. For example, do you want warm tones or maybe a more industrial, semi-finished style? Be sure to establish this early on and purchase fixtures, decor and furniture that all fit the colours and the style you want. 

Don’t underestimate the power of stylish storage 

There are some people who forget about the importance of storage. Well, this doesn’t simply refer to shelves or cabinets. Storage can be found in other places as well. Maybe you can get a stylish ottoman or a functional bedside table with lots of hidden nooks. This will ensure that your space looks amazing and tidy all at the same time. 

Make use of mirrors 

Another tip that most people forget is using mirrors. These are not just items that you need for the bathroom or your vanity. Remember that mirrors help make a space look bigger and brighter than it actually is. Try to look for a variety of unique and functional mirrors to add to your space and make sure it fits well with the rest of your decor and furniture. 

Add personal touches within your space 

One of the most important things you should remember when it comes to interior design is your personal input. It might be a good idea to take inspiration from a designer or maybe a few blogs and magazines, but remember that this is your home and it should be fully suited to your liking. 

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