Business Rule Number One: Keep Your Promises

Business Rule Number One: Keep Your PromisesSource: Public Domain Pictures

In order for your business to be successful, both you and it need to keep each and every promise you make. You need to keep the promises that you make to your customers. You need to keep the promises that you make to your employees. Basically, you need to keep your promises to whomever the promise is directed, whatever that promise might be.

To find some helpful advice on the matter of promise keeping, make sure to carry on reading.

1. Before You Make A Promise, Make Sure That You Can Keep It

When seeking to keep your promises, the best way to protect yourself from breaking one is to ensure that you can keep it before it leaves your mouth (or you put it in writing). You see, once a promise is out there and in the open for all to hear, you are duty-bound to keeping it, no matter what you will have to go through to do so. So, it’s quite simple really: if you are not up to the task of upholding the duty you bound yourself to keep, don’t bound yourself to it in the first place by making the promise. Seriously, this will save you a lot of work and a lot of embarrassment in the long run.

2. Don’t Make A Promise If It Will Bring About Bad Service

Something else that you should be mindful of during the promise-making process is whether the promise you make will induce bad service on your part, either for the party you make the promise to or another party that you are bound to serve already. You see, sometimes making too many promises can be detrimental as it will means an added pressure and workload for you in regards to keeping all the promises you make. For instance, somebody who owns a restaurant should not promise to fit one more party of customers in if they know that they do not have the waiting staff or chefs on during that particular time to cater to them because of the fact that the restaurant is already full as it is. Simply, it’s about thinking twice about making a promise if it is going to bring about flawed service on your part because that flawed service might just lose you custom.

3. Come Good On Each Promise That You Do Make

Now we’ve covered the fact that you need to be mindful during the promise-making process, it’s time to move on to the fact that you simply must come good on each promise that you make. If this means going above and beyond in order to keep a promise, do it. If this means employing more staff during one particular shift, and paying the extra wages as a result, then do it. If this means working with a professional fulfilment company, such as Red Stag Fulfillment, in order to ensure that anything you promise to deliver to your customers makes it to them both on time and intact, then do it. Simply, if you make a promise, make sure you do all you can to keep it.

Do you promise to remember the advice above as your career in business continues? Well, you should if you want your career to flourish and prosper!