Can You Really Make A Living By Playing Video Games?

Can You Really Make A Living By Playing Video GamesSource: Pexels

Video games have become an extremely popular pastime over the past couple of years thanks to how cheap it is to get a hold of a video game. For instance, the prices of Playstation and Xbox consoles have dropped very low over the past few years since they were released, and many of the most popular PC games are free to play with optional microtransactions. Building a gaming PC is also very cheap now thanks to budget hardware from manufacturers such as AMD. However, something that many people are starting to take notice of is careers within gaming.

Much like any activity in the world, gaming has many different career paths. You could become a software designer, you could create video games, you might even get a job testing video games or drawing art for a company that designs them. There are many ways to get involved with video games as a career choice, but what about actually playing them?

The most obvious way to get money from playing games is to compete in tournaments and events that pay prize money. Although you might not yet be on the level of competitive video game players that earn seven-figure salaries, you can attend local tournaments in games like Street Fighter 5 or grab a team and compete in online events for games such as League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It takes a lot of practice and the payout isn’t great until you achieve a pro-level status, but if you have a talent for video games then it can be a great road to put yourself on if you want to be a professional gamer.

The other option is via traditional online gaming; gambling. You don’t have to gamble with money, however. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has crates which are opened with keys and can award you with rare items that could be worth thousands of dollars if you’re lucky. But that’s not the end of it. You can also gamble these items in order to win big pots from other players. Of course, you could also gamble with cryptocurrencies. If you learn how to gamble with ethereum, bitcoins or even video game items, it could make you a very large amount of money in a short time if you’re lucky.

The third and most reliable way of making money is through MMORPGs. Games like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV have in-game currencies that are sold for real money. Although these activities are not condoned by the games themselves and you could be banned for being caught, the act itself is not illegal and many people make a living from playing MMORPGs and selling currency, items or even accounts.

The last few options you have all relate to creating content. Whether it’s broadcasting your gameplay on a service such as and making money via sponsorship deals, donations and viewer subscriptions, or growing a YouTube channel such as the infamous PewDiePie channel which makes over $4 million a year, there are many different options to get creative while playing games. You could also write blogs, create guides and even write reviews for a gaming publication.