Creating A Positive Atmosphere In Your Commercial Premises

Creating A Positive Atmosphere In Your Commercial PremisesSource: Pexels

Increasing numbers of small business owners are setting up their small businesses online or taking their brick and mortar businesses online. There are various reasons for this. The realm of E commerce is extremely lucrative. You have fewer outgoings and overheads, which means that you can generally offer products at a lower price. You don’t have to hire as many staff, which means responsibility over fewer people. You could even base your business from home, which means you can ditch the morning commute and make every day a casual wear day. But it’s important to remember that operating from a commercial premises is still a great option and can bring in a whole lot of profit. One thing that you do need to do when you run a business in real life is to create a good atmosphere for anyone who passes through your doors. First impressions count and a good atmosphere can really make or break relationships with your customers. So, here are a few different things to do to make your brick and mortar property truly welcoming!

1. Staff

The first thing that you need to do is to train your staff. They should greet customers in a friendly manner but know where to draw the line between being helpful and being overbearing. They should be able to give advice and recommendation regarding anything that your business stocks or provides. They should be familiar with your store’s policies. All in all, they just need to be able to offer top quality customer service. It’s also a good idea to ensure that customers can find out information independently. Some people are shy or socially awkward and would prefer to avoid conversation. Adding labels or price tags to products can prevent people feeling uncomfortable, as they can access information themselves.

2. Background Music

Background music is extremely important when it comes to creating an atmosphere. You might not notice at all times, but having some sort of background noise tends to make people feel a little more comfortable than if they were to enter your commercial premises to be greeted with absolute silence. So, invest in a high quality commercial sound system and create a playlist. Try to keep the tracks relevant to your store and its aesthetic. Think of the type of demographic that your business attracts and look into what music they tend to enjoy.

3. Lighting

Lighting can also help to determine whether a space is comfortable or whether it is uncomfortable. Too bright and people can feel exposed and self-conscious. Too dark and people might feel overwhelmed and may not be able to see what they are buying. Generally speaking, it’s best to have plenty of natural lighting for the days and to implement some sort of adjustable lighting system for opening hours where the sun isn’t quite so bright. This will give you more choice over the lighting levels in your commercial space.

These are just a few different factors that can greatly alter the atmosphere in your store. So, mull them over! It really is time to start focusing on making sure that customers and potential customers are as comfortable as possible at all times!