Creative Team Building Ideas For Creative People

Creative Team Building Ideas For Creative PeopleSource: Pexels

Team building doesn’t always elicit excitement from employees. The idea of forced ‘bonding’ is enough to fill anyone with dread, and perhaps even leave to some pull a sick day. When you work in a creative business, it can be difficult to find an activity that helps bring your team together while also holding their attention. Want to arrange a team building day with a difference? Here are some creative team building ideas for creative people.

1. Escape Rooms

People are loving the escape rooms trend. A popular activity for birthdays, stag/hen parties and any other excuse for a group outing, you’ll be sure to find one near where you live. For a team building exercise, there’s certainly no boredom here. Teams have to get creative, use their logic and work together to complete tasks – an ideal team building activity for those who like to have their finger on the pulse.

2. Laser Tag

Who doesn’t love a bit of retro? And who more so than creatives? Laser tag arenas are starting to reappear after years of being off the radar. A good way for your employees to blow off some steam, bond and simply have a bit of fun, this will ensure your annual away day is much more memorable this year.

3. Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Forget waterskiing and surfing; SUP is the must-try watersport today. Getting out on the water and watching your colleagues try to master the art of paddleboarding is a fun day out, but there are also some team exercises you can try that will help you all to learn to work better together. You can get some great ideas on where to try paddleboarding from the Kona Boards Australia SUP store, as well as some handy equipment. Team days out should be fun, and this is one creative way to get stuck in and enjoy some great team building.

4. Art workshops (With A Difference)

Creative people love to make things, and even if art isn’t what your business is about – there are some fun ways you can bring your team together and get creative. Typical art workshops involve drawing portraits or bowls of fruit, but they’re not exactly the most imaginative. Instead, why not think about an urban art logo workshop or a graffiti art class that can help generate ideas and find a more stimulating way to bring people together. Alternatively, a filmmaking class or cake decorating session could be other fun ways to involve an artistic element while offering something a bit more unique to your employees.

Team building is important for the workplace, especially in creative industries where work tends to be more project-based and requires that element of collaborative working. Being a good manager involves developing an understanding of your team’s needs, and the right team building exercise can help you to discover that. Get to know your team better and think outside the box for team building ideas that are fun and creative to reflect the industry you work in.