Creatives! Use These Strategies To Double Your Productivity

Creatives! Use These Strategies To Double Your ProductivitySource: Pexels

Those outside the profession seem to assume that us creatives get an easy ride. That for some reasons it’s all coffee breaks and strolls in the park. However, anybody employed for their creative talents will know that is a load of hogwash, and just like anyone else, what we can achieve in the time available matters. In fact, it can even matter more so, because many of us are self-employed or freelance, meaning that the more we can complete the more money we can earn. With this in mind read on for some strategies that will help you to double your productivity in the creative field without doubling your effort.

1. Schedule In Creative Time

The first strategy to try when looking to increase your creative productivity is actively scheduling in your creative time. Don’t wait for the mood or idea to hit you, sit down at that desk every day at the same time and make a habit of it.

OK, for the first few sessions you may draw a blank, but hang in there because eventually, your brain will come to realise that this is time devoted to the creative process and will start to provide you with ideas. After all, a creates brain would rather come up with stuff than sit there doing nothing, and that is the real key to it, do nothing else during this time. No sleeping. No Facebook. No phone. Just sit there. Trust me it works.

Making creativity a scheduled habit can increase productivity.

2. Automate Processes

Next, you need to think about the business side of things. Some creatives are blessed by being good at both, but the rest of us tend to just struggle on haphazardly, learning things and making mistakes as we go.

However, this isn’t what the best way of doing things, as we could be making more work for ourselves, something that takes up time where we could be productive in doing what we actually love.

With this in mind look for a way to automate your business processes as much as possible. This can include speaking to Excel automation specialists so they can help you migrate data like your client list. They can also and create custom dashboards, so it’s super easy to sort and manage the information you have.

Also, it can be useful to invest in a custom designed website, one that creates an automatic sale funnel. Something that will help bring in more sales without you having to do all the legwork yourself.

Creatives! Use These Strategies To Double Your Productivity

Source: Pexels

3. Rest In Rest Time

Lastly, it may sound a little counterintuitive to be talking about rest and productivity in the same sentence but bear with me. Rest is actually essential to creative productivity because it gives your brain a chance to disengage with the subject matter. What this does is allows the ideas and concepts you are working with mull around in your subconscious, something that can enable more intuitive connections and improve the quality and quantity of your work.

So that means no drawing, writing, or other creative pursuits in front of the TV in the evening. Give yourself a break!