Eating For A Better Night’s Sleep

Despite eating healthy and having a good exercise regime, a truly healthy lifestyle eludes many of us that suffer from sleepless nights. However, there are some great tasting foods that fit our healthy lifestyle while assisting to induce a good night’s sleep.

Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep along with diet and exercise are the foundation to a healthy life. Most of us get less than seven hours of sleep a night and millions of us suffer from some form of sleep challenge. No matter what keeps us from getting a good night’s sleep, there are foods that we can eat as part of a healthy diet that can make sleep come easier.

Once you’ve got a good sleep routine of comfortable bed and pillow and a set time in a cool dark bedroom, the craving for a snack an hour or so before bed is a perfect opportunity to satiate that little hunger with something that helps induce sleep. Bananas contain a great muscle relaxant in the form of magnesium, and it’s a self-contained simple food that is good for you at any time. The natural melatonin and serotonin ups the sleep ante considerably as well.

Humans have used Chamomile tea for hundreds of years for its calming effect, so if it’s not already part of your routine, you should give it a try. The natural amino acid tryptophan contained in warm milk is why it’s given to kids at bedtime in every story. A little honey in the milk or the tea will help send signals to the brain to cease production of the neurotransmitter orexin, which puts a stop to alertness.

These remedies work well not only for mild insomnia, but are also a great part of a healthy diet. With so many of us constantly on the go, it can be difficult to make the lifestyle changes that help us control our weight and get a good night’s restful sleep. Many of us that suffer from some form of insomnia or sleep disorder can use all of the help we can get to augment our healthy diet and exercise regime. Fortunately, these and other foods will fit into our healthy diets with satisfying tastes that also provide effective ways to help set the stage for a quality good night’s rest.

Paul is a freelance writer who has specialised in health and health technology for the past two decades and has a strong interest in sleep disorders.