Embrace A Greener Outlook For Your Business And The Environment

Embrace A Greener Outlook For Your Business And The EnvironmentSource: Flickr

Is your business doing all it can for the environment? Whether you agree with the arguments of climate change or not, there is one main reason you should promote a greener culture for your company. It’s because, quite simply, it will save you money.

Waste is an huge issue for businesses all over the world, and it can be expensive. Whether it is heating, energy, or trash, there are a lot of areas that can be improved that will cut costs. So, if you want to protect your bottom line, why not promote a more environmentally responsible workplace? Here are a few ways of doing it.

1. Cut Back on Energy Use

Most businesses need a lot of energy to operate, whether it’s lights, air con, or electricity to power office equipment. However, in many cases, businesses aren’t doing all they can during out of work hours. Try and start a simple policy to make sure everyone shuts down their computers in the evening, rather than leaving them on overnight. Make it clear to people it is their responsibility to close doors when a room isn’t in use so that they save heat. Have regular maintenance checks on all your equipment to make sure they are working as well as they can. If you can tackle all these issues, you will cut down your carbon footprint, and save a lot of money in the process.

2. Watch your Paper Use

Paper is one of the biggest waste problems for many businesses. Fax machines, printers, spreadsheets – they all create a tremendous amount of extra paper that just isn’t needed. Try and start a policy that people only print as and when necessary, and use online fax services instead of the traditional method. Recycle more, too. Also, look at the printing services that you use. Are they doing all they can? For example, Copyrite makes a concerted effort to make printing more environmentally friendly. Is the print service that you use doing the same?

3. Start a Carpool

Look out onto your car park right now. If there are dozens of cars parked out there, ask yourself if it is necessary. If everyone is driving to work on their own, then try and start a car pool scheme. People from the same areas can give each other lifts on alternate days, instead. Not only will they cut back on their carbon footprint, but they will also save on their fuel costs.

4. Audit All the Time

Why not start a regular environmental audit? Look at all aspects of your business and highlight the areas that you think could be greener, and focus on those first. Once you are done, just have a regular walk around once a month to ensure everything is working as it should. It can take a time to get people into the habit of embracing a greener business culture, but an audit can help. It will help you highlight the areas you need to concentrate on, and it will also help you keep on top of your costs.

Hope this has helped – as ever, feel free to leave your tips in the comments section below.