Employee Perks That Attract The Cream Of The Crop

Employee Perks That Attract The Cream Of The CropSource: Pixabay

When people are on the hunt for a new job, there are a few things they will look for in a company. Bonuses, such as extra vacation time, good wages, and full health insurance, will probably be right at the top of their list. But some applicants will also be interested in the various employee perks that are on offer. If you can afford them, you really should offer as many as possible, as fantastic perks will help you attract the cream of the crop. Not sure what people want? Read on to find out more!

1. Social Events

Employees don’t just go to work for their salary. Sure, that’s probably the main reason why they have a job, but they also go for the social aspect. Lots of people make friends for life in the workplace, and it’s beneficial to your company if you encourage this by putting on regular social events. You might want to start after-work drinks on a Friday, for instance. This will do wonders for the team atmosphere within your business!

2. Free Lunches

You don’t have to provide your team of staff with free lunches every day, but once a week is a nice addition to their working week. It’s a good idea to make your free lunch communal so that it provides another chance for your employees to enjoy some social time together. Most food businesses will cater for team lunches such as this, so it’s worth getting in touch with a couple of different caterers and restaurants to see what they can offer your company.

3. Vacation Discounts

Did you know that it’s possible to team up with vacation resorts to offer special deals and discounts for your employees? Whenever your employees book a vacation with one of these resorts, and can prove that they work for your company, they will get some money knocked off their stay! Golf club deals and discounts for spa resorts are some of the most popular with employees. They’ll be happy with any kind of discount, though, as long as it is a vacation in which they can relax!

Employee Perks That Attract The Cream Of The Crop

Source: Pixabay

4. Gym Membership

We all know that it’s super important to stay fit and healthy, and many companies are now trying to encourage their workers to take up an active lifestyle. This benefits the business as it reduces the number of sick days that employees take. So, how about offering your team free or discounted gym memberships? They will be a lot more likely to stick with their fitness schedule when they can go to a fancy new gym for free!

5. Cake On Birthdays

It’s not just grand gestures that employees want to see. They like small perks too, such as birthday cake on people’s birthdays! Again, this is another great way to bring the team together and enjoy some social time together.

As you can see, there are a lot of different perks that employees want to see at their company. Offering these will bring a lot more talent into your business too!