Expert Advice For Building A Strong Startup Team

Expert Advice For Building A Strong Startup TeamSource: Flickr

Figures show that more than half of new businesses will fail before they make a profit. So, it’s vital that you put the right measures in place to secure your success. Finding the best startup team is essential. You won’t have a lot of money in your accounts for wages, and so you need people who are dedicated to your brand. For the purpose of this post, we’re going to focus on the IT sector. However, the same basic rules apply to most industries. We’ll show you how to find the best people for the job and avoid employing anyone unsuitable. As with anything in the business world, it’s often better if you can think outside of the box.

1. Get In Touch With Ex-Colleagues

Most people choose to start a business that will thrive in an industry they know well. Presuming that is true in your situation, you must know lots of other professionals. Think back to all the people you’ve worked alongside over the years. Would any of them have the skills and knowledge needed to push your company forward? Sometimes ex-colleagues make the best employees because they already understand the market. Also, you know them pretty well, and so you shouldn’t see any unexpected revelations.

2. Use Specialist Websites To Find Talent

Lots of business owners choose to advertise positions online these days. However, that means you will receive hundreds of applications from potential candidates. It would be much easier and faster if you turned the situation around. The manager of Valintry told us that some sites now allow you to search for talent. Tackling the issue in that manner will mean you get to choose your employees based on their profiles. You don’t have to assess applications, and there should be no need for you to perform an interview.

3. Offer Probationary Contracts

One of the biggest issues affecting small employers relates to getting rid of unsuitable staff. Employees have rights that are protected by law. So, you could end up in trouble if you sack someone without good reason. With that in mind, you should never offer permanent contracts outright. It makes more sense to put all new team members on a three-month probation. That way, you can cease to employ them if they do not perform as expected. It’s cheaper than using agency staff, and most company bosses think it works well.

If you have no alternative but to hold interviews, make sure you try something different. Reading CVs and asking people if they work well in a team doesn’t work. Everyone will give the same answers when you use the same old boring questions. Try to learn something interesting about the candidate. Ask them what they like to do for fun and whether they have any hobbies. You could even demand they tell you a joke. Nobody ever said interviews had to follow a certain format. Indeed, you’ll get better results if you handle each candidate in a unique manner.

We wish you the best of luck with building a strong startup team!