Fair Custody Of Children

Fair Custody Of ChildrenSource: Pexels

When you are no longer in a relationship and have children with the other person, it can sometimes be difficult to know who will have custody of the children and who will have visitation. If you are like some couples, then you might share custody so that the children spend time with each of you. However, if you don’t get along with the other parent and can’t seem to work out an agreement, then one of the child custody lawyers in Vancouver WA might be able to offer assistance. When you begin a child custody case, you need to provide as much information as possible about who the child spends time with and what the other parent does for the children or what the parent doesn’t do for the children. Anything like receipts or journal entries about when the other parent visits with the children could be given to the attorney.

Don’t argue with the other parent during the custody suit. This will only show the judge that you are only thinking about yourself and that you might not have the best interests of your children in mind. You need to be able to show that you are the best parent for the children to live with. Show that your work schedule can be changed if needed and that you have the means to provide what your children need. If you know that each of you can offer a good home for your children, then consider joint custody. This would mean that the children would spend equal amounts of time with both parents, which is something that you would have to be willing to accept if you are closer to one child than the other or if the children have been living with you for some time. Your attorney will be able to offer advice about what should be done and the best way to obtain the custody agreement that is desired.