5 Server Response Codes You Need To Understand

Does anyone even know what “http” stands for? Most do not. It stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It helps to know this in order to understand just what the errors mean. Why should you care? You will when the error messages appear, and you haven’t a clue what it means.

There is one error code that many non-computer savvy people may be aware of. It is the 404 error code. It signals that the page you have searched for no longer exists. Most of us have encountered this code at one time or another.

But there are five important codes, including the (1.) 404 Error Code that are helpful to know. We could simply list them here along with an explanation for each, but that hardly seems like fun.

Server Response Codes

2. Response Code 200

Simply brings you to the exact page you requested. No worries.

3. Server Response Code 301

The server understands, but needs more information. An error has occurred, most likely with syntax. You are re-directed to another page that’s completely new.

4. Response Code 302

Simply performs a redirection, similar to a “detour”. It just means the URL has moved temporarily.

5. Server Response Code 500

The command wasn’t recognised due to a syntax error. Syntax errors occur at the time information is compiled. It causes a program not to compile. What then? Basically the server failed.

What would be the purpose of knowing such codes? Everyone uses a computer these days, whether for work or surfing the internet. When an error occurs, it’s good to have a basic understanding of the main error codes.

Under all of the codes are lesser known codes, and are thus less important to know. You could go through the list, starting with the 200’s, on to the 400 and 500’s, and what we would have is merely a list. For the sake of those who like lists, here are a few more important ones.

Bonus Code 1. 421

The server is not available and the connection will be closed.

Bonus Code 2. 450

The requested command failed because the user’s mailbox was unavailable

Bonus Code 3. 503

The server has encountered a bad sequence of commands.

Be assured the next time you see a 500 error code on your screen you won’t need to shout at your computer.

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