Going Bespoke – Ensuring Uniqueness

Going Bespoke - Ensuring UniquenessSource: Pixabay

We all understand the power of uniqueness, and in particular, the importance of having a clear value proposition that differentiates you from the competition… but in such a competitive and often commoditised marketplace where similar companies, offering similar products, are only ever a click away the need for uniqueness has never been so critical to your success. This article looks at three ways you can leverage the power of personalisation and stand out from the crowd.

1. Bespoke Marketing

Going Bespoke – Ensuring Uniqueness

Source: Pixabay

Personalisation, as a trend within marketing has been around for centuries. In the ‘olden days’ it would be as simple as a shopkeeper getting to know their customer on a personal level in order to understand their needs and preferences. They would use this insight to recommend products they knew their customer might be particularly interested in and promote them in a way that was tailored to their customers interests.

Today, in the much more online focused world of marketing, companies like Amazon use sophisticated recommender engines to glean insight from customers, by looking at their behaviour online and targeting recommendations based on this implicit insight. Whilst there are a number of privacy concerns around personalisation the majority of web users appreciate a more relevant experience where they feel known and understood by the company they are dealing with.

Today, most email marketing providers allow for an element of customisation (such as addressing emails directly to the recipient’s name) but true personalisation whereby different people receive different marketing offers can be just as easily automated without much cost or technological know-how.

The point is, people appreciate a more relevant experience, they like to feel known and understood as this makes them feel valued. In a nutshell, the more personalised your marketing the more likely it is that person will go on to do business with you.

2. Bespoke Production

Going Bespoke - Ensuring Uniqueness

Source: Pixabay

In addition to what you are giving out to customers you’ll want to ensure that all suppliers can deliver in relation to your unique needs. Rather than relying upon mass-produced materials that mean you have to conform to set requirements, working with a company such as Bullas Plastics – a plastic extrusion manufacturer – who can assist with the CAD services required to secure a product that perfectly fits your needs, means you have much more flexibility in terms of the production process. The more you can streamline either your production processes, or the products themselves, the more efficient you can be – all whilst ensuring the service is uniquely yours.

3. Bespoke Website

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It can be tempting to create a website using a standard template, but this often gives the impression to clients, that you simply don’t care enough about your business to differentiate yourself. You can still build your website on a popular CMS platform such as WordPress, but by having a bespoke theme developed for your company you will create a much more engaging, differentiated, and relevant experience for the customer.

There’s also a sense of pride that comes with having your own unique website rather than a cookie cutter template that isn’t unique, and the cost of this can be surprisingly low. If you were to use something like Freelancer where you can work with highly proficient designers in countries such as India for around $10 per hour, you can have a bespoke theme developed for around $500.

In summary, the power of personalisation is apparent. There’s no need to be “different” just for the sake of it… but differentiating yourself, in a commercially valuable way by providing a more relevant and personalised customer experience will deliver an incredible return on investment.