Here Is How To Get More Done On Any Given Work Day

Here Is How To Get More Done On Any Given Work DaySource: Pixabay

If you wish you had more hours in the day, you’re not the only one. It seems we can never get absolutely everything done on our to do lists, does it? Then, on the weekend, we’re bogged down with things we wanted to do in the week!

Well, hopefully this post will help you to get more done on any given work day. Read on for some useful tips that could change the way you get things done:

1. Have a Dedicated Space For Work

Having a dedicated space for work is always going to help you get into the zone. If you do work from home, make sure you do your work in a space that makes you feel productive. It can be a quiet corner or an entire room; just make sure you make it suitable for work and get into the habit of working in there.

2. Start The Day Doing Something You Enjoy

Who wants to start the day rushing around getting ready for work, then diving right into work without barely a minute to breathe? Barely anybody! Start the day doing something you enjoy instead. It might be 10 minutes of yoga, a 20 minute jog, or even reading a few chapters of a book Get up early enough so you can relax with a hot drink and get into the work day without rushing.

3. Have A Routine To Get Into ‘Work Mode’

Having a routine that helps you get into work mode is a must, but it can require some discipline. For example, making yourself a coffee then sitting down and getting straight to it could even be considered a routine if you’re strict with it. For example, don’t make yourself a coffee and sit down if all you’re going to do is read your emails. Make the coffee when you’re starting work, no exceptions.

4. Find Ways To Make Your Daily Life Easier

There are probably ways you can make your daily life easier that you haven’t even thought about. Do some research and figure out how you can automate some of the tasks you do. Are there systems you can put in place? Virtual offices can make life easier too, especially if you choose the option that comes with a receptionist. Weigh up what could work for you.

5. Schedule The Day The Night Before

Before you go to sleep, take the time to schedule your day the night before. Write out what time you’ll wake up, how long it’ll take you to get ready for the day, and then stick to your schedule. Include everything, from having breakfast to working out. When you account for your time like this more often, you’ll make sure you get more done.

6. Become Disciplined

Make sure you become disciplined with yourself. Don’t scroll Facebook on your work computer, for instance. It’s so easy to get lost and forget that you have things to do! Make your bed every morning too – this simple act can make you more disciplined and set you up for the day.