Hit The Right Notes Starting A Music Blog

Hit The Right Notes Starting A Music BlogSource: Pixabay

For anybody trying to make a break into the music business nowadays, you don’t need to scour the music papers to see how hard it is to make a proper living. Even those that have started up their own record label finds they are doing a lot more work than they are earning money in order to keep the livelihood of niche musicians alive. Running a music blog is another one of those avenues that can be lucrative, but the modern way is to rely on social media, word of mouth, and a lot of luck! This means that there are some basics you need to have in place first, so you can get your music blog off the ground and earn a steady stream of income.

1. Carving Out Your Niche

There are two sides to the coin when it comes to this because carving out your niche is very much common business sense, but in the oversaturated world of music and music writers, there may already be an acid jazz blog out there! So it’s all about sizing up the competition and beating them at their own game. There are blogs out there that don’t just cater for music but also cater for various other art forms, such as the 405.

2. The Basics To Keep Your Website Running

It’s one thing to have a website that is not generating revenue and not earning you a living, but if you have a website that is your livelihood, you are going to need it protected sufficiently. This means investing in the most sophisticated antivirus techniques or outsourcing this to an IT support company. When you are running a website that you are hoping will generate you a steady income as well as a vast portfolio of writing, having it attacked by cybercriminals feels like a bit of a sucker punch, especially when it’s something that could have easily been prevented if you’d had the foresight originally. So think about what the basics are that you need to get your website up and running, but also to keep it this way.

3. Generating Revenue

Now, this is the way to earn a small amount of income at the very start, and the basic ways of doing this is to put adverts on your site, promote products or services for other people, or sell products or services, either digitally or physically. The one thing in running a music blog is that you are able to sell and distribute a certain core group of musicians. But these people cannot have an existing record deal, because they may very well require a bigger share than what you are expecting, meaning that the business won’t break even. And, this leaves you in a unique position. Music blogs don’t tend to sell services, but rely on advertising, so while this may be a different niche; this could definitely be an avenue for you to champion unsigned acts, by selling their music. However, this is a vast legal minefield that you need to make sure you know inside and out before starting off!

This is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to starting a music blog, but, as we have seen with large music blogs, if there is a core group of staff, this may very well be a lucrative income!