How Amazon Is Being Utilised As A Marketing Tool

How Amazon Is Being Utilised As A Marketing ToolSource: Pixabay

In 2019, almost every company has got a presence on Amazon. Multiple retailers are now stocking their products on Amazon to benefit from the vast potential that it offers. With so many brands offering their products on the website, salespeople are forced to engage with Amazon more effectively and utilise its opportunities as a marketing channel. In today’s article, we have a look at exactly how Amazon is being utilised as a marketing tool, so read on to find out more.

1. Data Scraping

If you’ve heard of data scraping, you’ll know that it’s one of the leading marketing tools being used by a multitude of businesses in 2019. Similarly, businesses are now making use of tools such as the Amazon scraper that assists them in scraping data and forming pricing strategies by observing the competition. Data scraping on Amazon allows retailers to monitor competitor’s products and make adjustments to their own product prices to stay competitive. Businesses can even target competitor reviews to find out what customers both like and dislike, and thus adjust their both selling strategy and product pricing accordingly. The marketing possibilities with Amazon scraping are endless and can really bring a retailer’s business to the next level with some careful analysis and adjustments.

2. Sponsored Product Ads

Another way Amazon is being used as a marketing tool is with sponsored product ads. Retailers choose a product to advertise and set a daily budget as well as allocated keywords to effectively reach their target audience. The main goal of a sponsored product ad is to drive sales and increase the visibility of a product when a potential customer is browsing through Amazon. Amazon conveniently also offers retailers a medley of keywords to choose from which is a really helpful tool for first-timers. Sponsored product ads appear on the right-hand side of the bottom of a search query and can also appear on product detail pages. This increased visibility is one of the best ways for any brand to up their sales levels without breaking the bank.

3. A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Did you know that high-resolution imagery of products plays an important role in Amazon online marketing? The first thing a customer sees when they click on a product is an image of it, and there is no doubt that high quality, professional images make a much better first impression than one of low resolution. A high-quality image can, in turn, translate into an increased click and conversion rate, thus increasing a retailer’s sales. Utilising high-quality images on Amazon is one of the easiest marketing strategies for any company, and one that shouldn’t be looked past or brushed aside.

4. Invest in Headline Search Ads

Similar to sponsored product ads, headline search ads are another very reliable marketing method that many retailers are investing in for 2019. Whilst headline search ads are also keyword-driven, they slightly differ in the sense that retailers need to set a minimum daily budget of $100 which then offers them a much more prominent placement on Amazon search queries. Expect to see products being placed at the top of searches, and in a much larger format than that of a sponsored product ad. Retailers can choose a landing page of their preference, choose keywords, product imagery and craft their own headline, making this one of the most valuable marketing tools on Amazon today.

5. Product Display Ads

Last but not least, we have product display ads. These are ads that retailers can choose to target buyers based on their interests and related searches. These ads appear on the “related products” section and often appear at the bottom of a shopping cart in an aim to persuade customers into purchasing a product instead of the one they’ve currently selected. This type of Amazon ad also requires retailers to set a $100 minimum daily budget due to high visibility and specific placement of ads. Conversion rates are relatively high for this method of Amazon marketing, and product display ads can truly boost sales revenues for any retailer looking to widen their horizons.


We hope that this article has given you some valuable insight into how Amazon is being used as a marketing tool in 2019!

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