How Blogs And Social Media Can Help Market Your Business In The Tech-Savvy Era

How Blogs And Social Media Can Help Market Your Business In The Tech-Savvy EraSource: Pexels

Back in the 80s, computers were clunky and ginormous, but they were the wave of the future and everyone had an interest in what these machines could do. Then came the internet. And from there, a whole world of technological development that has led to a tech-savvy era that is both a blessing and a curse to marketable businesses.

How can technologies help in marketing your new business? Read on for tips on using social media and blogs as marketing tools.

1. Everyone Loves a Good, Tell-All Blog or Vlog

Humans are naturally nosy and curious, so you should be forthcoming and tell-all in your business blogs or vlogs. Make sales sound like secrets, add a little mystery to the backstory of your business, and find someone engaging and attractive to be the face of your companies.

Tip: Update your technology for vlogs. Implement something like a Mastercam for solidworks download to create clear, crisp posts.

2. Social Media Can Help Build a Platform of Tech-Savvy Customers

Over 60-percent of the United States population boasts some kind of smartphone or carry-around technology that puts the interwebs at their fingertips at all times. And, thanks to social media, businesses can advertise directly to those tech-savvy customers without ever leaving the comforts of their office chairs.

Tip: Hire an all-modern tech-savvy creative to professionally write for press releases, social media updates, and blog posts. They know the lingo and can easily insert the best lines to get target audiences moving in your direction.

3. Social Media Status Updates Are Your Go-To for Clever Marketing One-Liners

Most of the time, social media platforms have word limits for status updates. This is your one chance to be clever, witty, and bold in your marketing messages, so think hard on what you want your business to convey.

4. Blogs Can Be Longer, Informative Continuances of Your Social Media Statuses

If you wittily advertise for a sale on a social media status message, be prepared with a backlink to your business blog or vlog. Use this opportunity to write, or script, a longer, more informative, but just as witty, continuance on what you covered in your status update. While tech-savviness reigns in the modern era, the best marketing tools you have are clever words.