How Casual Bloggers Earn Their Own Promotion

How Casual Bloggers Earn Their Own PromotionSource: Pexels

It’s so easy to start your own blog, that almost everyone on the internet has tried it at least once. For every successful and popular blog, there are at least ten that have gone offline due to lack of traffic, or a casual blogger who has gotten too busy or has just lost interest. Then there are the blogs that stand out amongst the rest; the ones that have generated so much hype and gained such a following, the the bloggers can afford to quit their day job and spend their days doing the thing they love most. Believe it or not, you could be one of the lucky few. Here are a few ways you could promote yourself from casual blogger, to a professional.

1. Update Your Platform

When you first started blogging, you might have been content to have a functioning hosting platform free of charge. But if you want to seem more professional, it might be time to pay for a website that doesn’t end in “”. To get your research off to the right start, you need to read some WP hosting page reviews on; this will give you a better idea of which platforms offer the best support, cost, bandwidth, disk space, and are more popular with users. Don’t be afraid to got for a hosting platform that offers better templates and layouts; you might have done well with a simple blog before, but now it’s time to step up your game.

2. Establish a Social Media Presence

If you’ve managed to build a loyal following just with your website, or an occasional YouTube video, imagine what you could accomplish on social media. Create a page on Facebook, and separate profiles on Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else that might be relevant. You’re no longer promoting your hobby on your own social media pages, you’re promoting a business that needs its own platform. Now that you’re an established blogger, you can also reach out to other professional bloggers about collaborating on a project, or writing guest posts on their website that will link back to your own; this article on can give you more ideas for approaching other bloggers. Anything you can do to advertise your blog to a fresh audience will be great for your fledgling business.

How Casual Bloggers Earn Their Own Promotion

Source: Pexels

3. Monetise Your Blog

Now that you’ve got a steady stream of traffic coming to your site every day, and you’re taking steps to increase it, you can start increasing your monthly income. There are several ways to earn money from your blog; by easily incorporating Google AdSense you can instantly make money from advertising on your website. AdSense only places relevant ads on your niche site. You can also earn money through affiliate marketing. Amazon Associates is a good option for this, as you’re more likely to get paid. Unlike other affiliate links, Amazon Associates pays you if they person you referred buys anything from them within 24 hours, not just the product you recommended to them.