How Drug Testing From Your Hair Follicles Can Be Passed With The Help Of Detox

How Drug Testing From Your Hair Follicles Can Be Passed With The Help Of DetoxSource: Pexels

The elimination time of a drug may be influenced by certain factors related to metabolism, body mass, hydration, speeches of each but also the quantity and the frequency of drug use.

> Metabolism – a rapid metabolism will quickly eliminate ingested substances, while in the case of slow metabolism, the metabolites are difficult to eliminate and can be detected at an extended period.

> Body mass – an overweight person eliminate traces of drugs in their body slower.

> Hydration degree – Drinking large amounts of water will not remove the drug from the body. Instead it helps in flushing out traces of drugs. Drinking water and not urinating will not give negative result to the test. Even if you dilute your urine, drugs can still be detected.

1. How Is The Hair Test Done

For this test, you will need to shave parts of your body or provide some strands of hair from your head. The hair sample is usually taken by an employee (rather than delivered by you) so you cannot do anything to change it. Another option is to try going to websites like to know more.

However, if you do not have hair, you can ask for another type of exam, perhaps more natural to overcome. If laboratory workers have never seen you before, shave your body and head completely (especially if your hair is longer) and inform them naturally that you have no chance to give them a sample. Apply then for another type of exam. Make sure you have an excellent excuse to motivate alopecia. You might say you have little hair or try to look. Avoid saying that you have severe conditions (such as cancer) to explain baldness, would create a lot of long-term complications. Because hair, to be a valid sample, should be at least 2.5 cm long, know that an example that may come from legs, armpits, and so on may be required. This is an excellent excuse to get a full wax and declare that you are a swimmer.

2. Pass The Test Using Detox

In its purely medical sense, detox refers to cleaning the body of addictive substances, such as drugs and alcohol. In recent years, however, the health and beauty industry attributes to diets based on fruit and vegetable juices and nutritional supplements the role of detoxifying the liver or colon of the substances we ingest from food.

The body detoxifies naturally through the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, digestive system, lymph. Find out more below.

3. The Liver

The largest internal organ, with over 500 functions, the liver is the body’s recycling centre. It filters and sorts the toxins and directs them to the specific excretory organ. For this reason, although the liver cells can regenerate without constant cleaning, the liver can get tired and turn the toxins into the body. For detoxification, it is recommended to use artichoke teas, dandelion, burdock, quiche, leek, as well as garlic, cabbage, wheat grass juice and lemon juice.

4. Kidneys

The kidneys are the organs dealing with water management. They are responsible for maintaining alkaline pH in the blood by filtering dissolved acidic waste.

In the Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM), the kidneys are known as the Ministry of Power because they are considered to be the most important reserve of essential energy. Another kidney name is the Root of Life, because of the Chinese’s belief that our prenatal energy is stored in the kidneys. The kidneys also include the kidney glands and what the Chinese call external organs, that is, men’s testicles and ovaries in women. Thus, the kidneys also control sexual and reproductive functions and are a primary source of sexual vitality.

In the CTM each organ is responsible for specific emotional, behavioural issues. A well-balanced, healthy kid with a usually wise attitude, understanding, rational thinking, and gentle nature. On the other hand, an individual with deficient kidneys will design a fearful reaction, insecurity, loneliness, loss of short-term memories.

You can help your kidneys by consuming water and natural fruit juices. Try to drink a minimum of 15 grams of alkaline fluid for every pound of body weight. That would mean for a weight of 70 kg a consumption of 0.45 l of alkaline juice. Alkaline juices include those made with cucumber, celery, germinated seeds, salad, leafy green vegetables, etc.

5. Lymphatic System

The lymphatic glands are the primary “arteries of the body.” This complicated network is the one that virtually takes most of the toxins from the cells to the removal organs. The major lymphatic glands are appendices, thymus, and tonsils. These organs tend to become inflamed during detoxification. Exercise, both aerobic and heavyweight, as well as massage, are beneficial to the lymphatic system. Drink lots of liquids to help dilute toxins and transport them out of the body.

6. Skin

The skin is the largest surface detoxification organ. Besides adjusting the temperature and humidity of the body, the skin also functions as a reserve plan for the other large removal organs. If the colon is loaded, for example, toxins will try to get out through the skin (irritations, acne, and other skin problems). For healthy skin, it is essential to eat foods rich in nutrients: vitamins and minerals but also essential fatty acids. Read this.

7. Takeaway

By detoxifying the organs, the hair will also be a part of the process. Thus, you will be able to pass the drug tests. However, this is not recommended if you need to pass a test immediately. Natural detoxification takes time. In the event that you think that your test outcomes are incorrect, you should quickly ask for a retest from your boss.