How To Be Creative And Green

How To Be Creative And GreenSource: Pexels

In one way being a creative person, running a creative business would seem to fit being ecologically friendly quite well. As creatives are often very conscious of the world and the environment around them. In another way, these two things may seem at odds. As the profit margin in running a creative business is so small, that you just can’t afford the most ecologically friendly options. Which begs the question, can you be a creative business that is green as well? Read on to find out.

1. Paper

It doesn’t matter what form you creative business takes, you are going to use paper somewhere along the line. It could be something as simple as taking notes when you are with clients. Or something as integral as the packaging for your product, the first thing that your client will see.

This is important to being green because there are always more eco-friendly paper choices that you can make. For example, you can use recycled paper in your packaging. Something that can look stylish as well as being green.

You can even do things around your office to use paper in a more eco-friendly way. This could be using both sides of the paper for printing and photocopying. Or using waste paper and binding it into notes books.

2. Recycling

Something else that creative businesses; no matter their size; can do is to stay on top of their recycling. All businesses produce this, and creative ones are no exception. In fact, some like photographers, and traditional media artists may produce even more than a typical office-based business.

To stay on top of this, it is important to put recycling points in place and make sure everyone knows what should be disposed of where. It can also be super helpful; to have battery, and electrical recycling points, as well as sending off toner cartridges to be refilled.

3. Upcycling

Some creatives have an advantage over traditional businesses in term of upcycling. Especially artists that restore items or repurpose them as part of their work. This is because they can take things that would otherwise be thrown away, engorging our landfills, and give them a second life.

This may be done by restoring items of furniture to sell, or to have in their office or studios. Or if could be by collecting thing people put out as trash, and turning them into interesting artwork.

4. Resource Preservation

Something else that creative companies can do to ensure that they are as green as possible is to preserve resources and energy as much as they can.

To preserve the resources associated with running a business they may choose to use greener options. Such as washroom accessories which are environmentally friendly, like paper towels and bug foam.

Additionally, they could also use a meter to measure how much power is being used, and go around and turn off computers and lights that are unnecessary.

The benefit of this is that not only is it good for the environment, but it can help your profit margin too. As the less power you use, the less you energy bill will be.