How To Design Your Website To Get The Most Possible Visitors

How To Design Your Website To Get The Most Possible VisitorsSource: Flickr

When expert web designers create sites for their clients, they always try to understand the purpose of the domain before starting work. That is because the key elements of the design will alter slightly depending on the nature of the website.

Presuming you are creating something that you hope will have mass visitation, you should implement some of the ideas on this page. Of course, people in your position are usually launching a new idea with a view to making money from advertising. That means you will need to push the highest amount of internet users in your direction as possible. We’ll also give you some tips on how to do that.

1. Use Responsive Templates

Unless you have previous experience in web design, you’re going to struggle to create a site using code alone. For that reason, you will benefit from selecting a responsive WordPress template and altering it to suit your requirements. It’s vital that all new websites are responsive these days because a high percentage of internet users now browse the web using their mobile devices. If your site doesn’t display properly, they are likely to look somewhere else very quickly. That could mean you lose out on lots of advertising revenue.

2. Consider SEO Strategies

All new website owners need to think about SEO when designing their site. There is one sure-fire strategy for SEO that works. You must aim to include a certain percentage of essential keywords within your text. Experts recommend your target phrases and terms should make up around 1-3% of all the content on your site. That means you might have to employ to services of a talented freelance writer to ensure it looks natural. However, that won’t cost you much money, and there are plenty of websites where you can get the work done quickly.

3. Keep Everything Simple

People who visit your website don’t want to be bombarded with lots of graphics and text that has no relevance to their experience. So, you should aim to keep everything as simple as possible. You only have to look at some of the most successful sites around today to see that complicated designs are not required.

You need to get straight to the point on every single one of your pages for the best results. It is easy to get carried away, and that is why many website owners choose to use a reputable design agency. You can’t afford to do that, and so you must implement our advice.

4. A/B Test Any Alterations

As your website grows, you might want to make improvements along the way. To ensure you don’t do anything that could decrease the amount of traffic you receive, you should engage in split testing. That is where 50% of your visitors will see the old site design, and the rest will see the modified version. You can check your analytics to see which one works best. Judge it on the number of actions and conversions you create.

Having learned a little more about key design elements for popular websites, we hope you manage to make a fortune in advertising. While the way your site appears isn’t everything, selecting the wrong elements could hinder your ambitions. Now all you need to worry about is creating quality content that people want to read or watch.