How To Exercise Away Your Executive Stress

How To Exercise Away Your Executive StressSource: Pexels

Being a busy business executive is no walk in the park. You have a million things to juggle, and the buck quite often stops with you. It can be pretty stressful at the best of the times, and as I’m sure you know, stress can be a killer. It can cause a range of health problems including mental health issues, heart disease, obesity and diabetes – it’s not something you want to be dealing with long-term!

So, how do you go about dealing with executive stress? By exercising of course! If you’re groaning right now, please at least try it because it really does work, especially if you try one of these real stress-busters:

1. Walking

Walking is a good choice for those of you who’ve been practically glued to your desk for the last decade and have done very little exercise as a result. It’s gentle, you can do it for as long or short a time as you like in the surroundings of your choice and the calming effects of nature, along with the activity will really start to shift your stress.

2. Golf

How To Exercise Away Your Executive Stress

Source: Pexels

Of course, golf is THE executive sport. Not only does it get you out in the fresh air moving around, but it’s a great way to meet new contacts, have a fun time and burn a few calories. Just make sure that you spend more time on the golf course than you do in the clubhouse. So many people take up golf with the aim of relieving stress and getting fitter only to spend most of their time drinking in the club, and that rarely works out well!

3. Squash

Nothing relieves the stress and tension of a hard day’s work quite like hitting small balls hard at fast speed. If it helps, picture that problematic client’s head on the ball – just don’t make the mistake of shouting out his name as you give it a whack – that could cause you even more stress!

4. Yoga

You might think yoga is just for young women or New Age hippies, but it is fast becoming the first choice of stressed-out execs everywhere, quite simply because it works. When you’re in a yoga class on the mat, concentrating on your breath and holding the pose, the whole world melts away, and you start to feel peaceful. Oh, it’ll iron out all of those aches and pains that you get from sitting down so much at work too!

5. Tai Chi

How To Exercise Away Your Executive Stress

Source: Pixabay

If you’re older and you’re looking for something that will help to melt your stress away and keep your body from falling apart as you work yourself into an early grave, without being too taxing, than Tai Chi is a good alternative. Much like yoga, it focuses on the mind just as much as the body, which is good for obvious reasons, and it can give your strength and flexibility a boot of a boost too, which will make those long meetings a little more bearable!

So, next time you’re feeling stressed, instead of bottling it up, taking it out on your staff or drinking your problems away, put on your sweatpants and get moving!