How To Keep Track Of Giving In Your Church

How To Keep Track Of Giving In Your ChurchSource: Pexels

Keeping track of what church members tithe and other contributions to the ministry is an important step for both churches big and small. While some churches might take a more old fashioned route at tracking giving, church contribution software can make it much easier to account for all the money that goes in and out of your church. When keeping track of giving, make sure to include the following elements.

1. What The Congregation is Giving

While this might seem obvious, it is important that you know exactly how much is being given to your church on a weekly basis. You need to know how much money you have before you can determine how you can use that money to grow the ministry or give to others.

2. Individual Giving

While there is much debate on whether pastors and church staff members should have access to what each individual or family gives to the church, it is important that this information is kept track of. Whether or not the staff intends to use this information, church members will need a record from the church in order to make a tax deduction.

3. Giving Trends

Tracking giving trends over time will help you account for how your church is growing or even decreasing in numbers. You might also find there are low and high periods of giving throughout the year that you can prepare for.

It is also important to know roughly what percentage of regular churchgoers are contributing to the church and the average amount being given per individual or family who gives. While the information is important for the financial aspects of running a church, it also helps you gauge how your ministry is doing spiritually.

4. Giving Expenses 

Apart from tracking the money that comes into your church, you need to determine how much money your church spends. From running the church to giving back to the community, it is important to know where money is going in order to make an annual budget. It is also helpful to let church members know how the money they give is being used.