How To Keep Your Business Premises Secure From Intruders

How To Keep Your Business Premises Secure From IntrudersSource: Flickr

If you run a business, you know how important it is to secure your premises. Whether it’s an office, factory or warehouse, there are always valuable items hidden inside. In modern companies, there will also be classified or personal data stored in filing cabinets.

A breach of security can be devastating, especially to a small company. The financial costs alone could cripple a startup business. In addition to that, you could lose months of work or sensitive information that could tarnish your reputation. With that in mind, you can see why protecting your premises from intruders is essential. Here’s how to boost your efforts.

CCTV camerasCCTV monitoring is a proven method of deterring thieves and burglars. Most intruders are looking for a quick, easy breakthrough. A simple CCTV system is enough to scare most amateur thieves away for good. They won’t even risk it. Most modern systems even stream the footage direct to your smartphone or laptop. That means you can monitor the inside and outer perimeter from anywhere in the world.

Sensors – Sensors are often your first line of defence. They are invisible to intruders, so it’s impossible for them to sneak around them. While CCTV cameras can often be outsmarted and avoided, burglars can’t avoid a sensor. Most companies use them as a first contact. They draw the attention of your CCTV cameras and put your other security systems on high alert. They are the first sign that something is wrong.

Gating – It’s crucial that you monitor who comes in and out of your building during the day. Overnight, the premises should remain inaccessible. Both of these actions can be achieved using sophisticated gating systems. If you’re looking for a reliable company, take a look at Procter Brothers automatic gates. It’s a simple and very visible deterrent to potential intruders.

Locks and Safes – It’s all very well guarding the perimeter of your office or warehouse. However, sophisticated and dedicated thieves will often find their way inside. If they do, it’s crucial that you keep valuables and sensitive information locked away. Use the best safes and tightest locks to keep things out of sight.

Signs and Perimeter Marks – Often, the simplest way to deter intruders is with clear signposting. Thieves are looking for an easy target. A warehouse in the dark or a factory with no sign of life is easy prey. However, put up visible boundaries, wires and signposts and you’ll fend off amateur intruders. Use the signs to tell thieves that CCTV and sensors are in operation. Trust us, they won’t risk it.

Security Guards – Of course, if you’re particularly worried about theft, you could hire a security team. These guards will monitor the perimeter of your site and guard the entrances. It’s an expensive security measure, but if you’ve got a lot of valuable stock, it could be worth it.

Keeping your business secure is vital. It all starts with simple upgrades to your premises and the options extend from there. Make sure your valuable stock and equipment is safe.