How To Level Up Your Independent Games Development Business

How To Level Up Your Independent Games Development BusinessSource: Pexels

The gaming industry is a multi-billion-dollar behemoth. And there’s more than enough gamers for passionate designers to make some serious money. While the first step is simply to create a playable title, the long-term goal revolves around money.

For that to happen, you must learn how to upgrade the business and its products. Furthermore, you must learn how to do this fast. Use these five simple steps for guidance, and you should see a noticeable impact in no time.

1. Reduce Your Operational Overheads

Everyone knows that you have to spend money to make it. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t be an excuse to be wasteful in business, especially with items that aren’t necessarily related to the products. This should be the first area that you look to make improvements, not least because it can be achieved in next to no time.

It’s possible to use bulk buying for a whole host of ongoing costs. From stationery to staff room coffees, all savings are a step in the right direction. For similar reasons, getting the best deals on electricity and business insurances should be high on the agenda. Aside from noticing instant rewards, it sets the foundations for sustained success.

As a tech-related firm, you’ll probably utilise paperless offices and virtual customer care assistants too. If you’re not already doing this, though, now is the time to start.

2. Embrace Influencers

For your independent games to become a success, you need to build a solid base of loyal players. If nobody is interested in those titles, you’ll never gain any real success. While the harsh reality is that you won’t be able to match the traditional marketing budgets of big publishers, this needn’t signal game over.

The power of recommendation is greater than ever, not least thanks to the internet generation. Consumers are now impacted by social media influencers as well as their real-world friends. The gaming industry is one where this is particularly true, as these popular YouTubers show. So, if you can get some entertaining players to start talking about your games, purchases will soar.

When combined with an active presence from your social media streams, success is almost assured.

3. Think In-Game Purchase

Whatever way you look at things, money is the chief barometer that will dictate how successful the venture has been. As such, sales revenue will always signal a crucial aspect of the overall performance. Many gamers won’t take the risk of spending money on lesser-known titles, but they will pay for add-ons once they like a game.

The concept of using in-game purchases has been majorly influential for smartphone games like Candy Crush. However, even the major developers like EA Sports now use in-game purchase features to get more money from the clients. As an independent, giving them the game for free and making money from those extra items will often work wonders in the long run.

Aside from anything else, this removes the upper limit of how much money an individual will spend. This may unlock greater stability, even if the audience is a little smaller than you’d like.

4. Invest In Your Team

Employees are the most important asset to any modern business, and your independent game publishing SME is no different. Getting the most out of them will improve virtually every aspect of the venture. Possessing the best machinery and equipment is clearly crucial. However, your commitment to the staff should not end there.

It takes time for employees to get settled and truly understand the way in which the business works. A new software development team needs to be supported by a strong group dynamic as well as staff perks and regular training. Showing that you care can also boost their motivation, which will generate greater productivity.

Your commitment to the staff should extend beyond software developers and graphic designers. Everyone from the receptionist to the social media teams should be one big family. If nothing else, this will bring greater consistency.

5. Find External Money Making Opportunities

The games themselves will always provide the main focus of your attention. However, it would be very naïve to overlook the other opportunities out there. Some games, especially those from small developers, may find that those streams become their primary source of income.

Those external ideas can include merchandise such as t-shirts or plush toys. Meanwhile, popular characters can be turned into other media types such as books, films, TV shows. Likewise, they may be used in advertising. The possibilities will vary between different genres and gaming concepts. Find the right pathways for your titles, and the entire venture can grow to new levels.

Better still, increased exposure via those streams will often result in increased direct gaming sales. If that doesn’t give you an incentive to capitalise, what will?