How To Make Your Workers Feel At Home In the Office

How To Make Your Workers Feel At Home In the OfficeSource: Gratisography

Today, many experts say that the key to improving productivity is improving employee satisfaction. If you are managing people at the office, you will have to make sure that the 7-9 hours they spend at work will be as enjoyable as possible. You will need to provide more than a comfortable desk and computer; your employees will also need a space to chill out and relax, so they can get back to work after their breaks with more energy and enthusiasm. Find a few tips for transforming your office below.

1. Personalised Plants

To make your employees take responsibility for their workstation just like they do at home, you might gift them personalised plants for their desk to take care of. You will soon see a competition going on about who can grow healthier and shinier, larger plants on their desk. A bit of greenery in the dull office environment will also improve your workers’ attitude and mood.

2. Fitness Centre

If you have a large team to manage and they do a stressful job, such as talking to customers, dealing with complaints, or designing software on the computer, you might want to create a small fitness room for them to use. A better office with recreational facilities will pay off long term when it comes to productivity and employee loyalty. Ask your workers which facilities they would like to use during their break before adding a fitness centre.

3. Discreet Music

If your staff is not on the phone all day, you might allow them to play discreet music in the background. You need to be aware that everyone’s working preferences are different. While some people will be motivated by music, others will be distracted. It is also crucial to consider that musical tastes differ, so you need to be democratic when allowing your staff to play music. Headphones, however, shouldn’t be allowed for safety and communication reasons.

4. Canteen

If your office is at a remote location, you might want to create a kitchenette and small canteen where your staff can have a chat and eat their lunch comfortably, instead of munching on their sandwiches by their desk. If you have an outdoor area, you can get some picnic benches installed, too.

5. Game Room And Chillout Area

In case your employees face extreme pressure and stress every day at the office, you might consider setting up a game room and chillout area. From an air hockey table to pool and darts, online games available from, there are plenty of options you should offer your employees. Whenever they feel overwhelmed or feel like they need a break, they can visit the game room and blow off the steam.

If your employees feel at home in the office, they will be more likely to take responsibility for their environment and treat the equipment as their own. Provide recreational facilities and make sure that they are feeling respected and supported, so they are more engaged with your brand and mission.