How To Make Your Workplace Much Safer In 5 Steps

How To Make Your Workplace Much Safer In 5 StepsSource: Flickr

It is your responsibility as owner of a business, to ensure that your employees are safe at work. This isn’t as easy to implement as you may think, especially in certain industries. It can also prove quite costly as times. However, here’s a simple how-to guide on how to do it, and ensure that your workplace is much safer from now on!

1. Earth Bonds

Not sure what this is? Basically, earth bonding is the connection of all of your workplace’s metallic objects to the electrical earth. This is predominantly a gas or water pipe. This is an important safety procedure. Mostly, because should an appliance suffer a fault, then the rest of the items in your workplace could become live. This could lead to employees getting electric shocks off of other metallic items. This could spell bad news, and a costly lawsuit filed against you! To avoid this, be sure to invest in Earth bonds and keep both your workplace, and your employees, safe.

2. Safety Goggles

Maybe your workplace involves industrial or scientific labour. If so, then, you should definitely be wearing these! To avoid wearing goggles is a sheer health and safety hazard. Your eyesight should not be taken for granted. A scratch, poke or jab could quite easily blind you. Strong chemicals have harmful and even poisonous effects on the body, so be sure to always be covered and prepared. It’s all part of complying with safety regulations, which you can read more about here.

3. Hard Hats

If you’re working in construction, then this is a no-brainer. Construction sites can be incredibly dangerous. Particularly if you are working on a large-scale project such as a skyscraper. Your safety cannot be taken for granted. You must be cautious at all times. Wearing a hard hat will prevent your skull from any serious damage should a brick, or worse a steel pole, land on top of you. Be sure to accompany your hard hard with a high visibility jacket so that your colleagues can always see you when carrying out their work. This will help to prevent unwanted casualties.

4. Warning Signs

Putting up warning signs will vastly reduce the number of casualties within your workplace. This can be something as little as a ‘Wet Floor’ sign after a cleaner has mopped up. Or, alternatively, you could warn your employees of hazardous toxins from a certain science lab. Either way, be sure to make sure that every possible hazardous situation that employees may face is accounted for. It is your legal right to keep them safe at work, remember.

5. Regular Health and Safety Checks

Keeping on top of your workplace and carrying out regular health and safety checks will also do nobody any harm either. Try and carry these out at least once a month to ensure that your employees have nothing to worry about when working for you. You could outsource this job to an external health and safety advisor if you don’t have the time to carry out the duty yourself.

If you follow these steps, then hopefully your working environment will be safer than ever! All the best.