How To Optimise Your Outreach

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Imagine your company has arms. Those arms have the ability to reach out and pull in prospective new customers. But they can only pull in the customers they can reach. The better your marketing, the longer those arms become. The longer the arms become, the more prospective customers are pulled in, the more money your company is able to make. Simple. So what are the best ways to make your company’s metaphorical arms longer? Keep reading to find out.

1. Understand How Search Engines Affect Your Company

Imagine you need a local plumber, what do you type into a search engine? Probably “plumber (your location)”, or something along those lines right? What do you expect people type into a search engine to find your company? Now fill your site with those keywords, build your link on other sites, and there’s your basis for good search engine optimisation (SEO). The more you take advantage of Google’s algorithms to boost your company in searches, the more hits your site receives, and the more customers you gain as a result. While SEO and keywords shouldn’t be the centre of your marketing campaign, it’s straightforward to include them, and the returns make it totally worthwhile.

2. Clarify Social Media Campaigns

What does your social media marketing say about your company? Does it scream “we are middle aged people who are only doing this because we’re told to”? Or does it suggestively nudge customers towards your product, offer entertainment, and genuinely engage prospective customers? Your social media campaigning needs to be directed, engaging, interesting, and most importantly, clear and obvious. Social media is the cheapest way to market your company effectively, and when done correctly its results can be astronomical. If you have no team members who are comfortable running your social media campaign, consider hiring someone who is competent in this field – you won’t regret it.

3. Don’t Waste Money On Badly Targeted Marketing

Some companies know that they need to market their brand and product, but their strategy is so ill-considered that it doesn’t hit even a small percentage of their target audience. A common misconception is that a blanket marketing approach will win the most new clients, but in actual fact, targeting your marketing to your typical client base is a far more effective strategy. Who are your usual customers? What age range, income bracket, gender, marital status, company size, interest group? How can you better reach out to more people like these? That is the best way to target marketing campaigns, and get the right new people in.

4. Get Organised

Poor organisation is the bane of company outreach. Plan your social media calendar a couple of weeks in advance, knowing who will monitor each day – replying to client’s Tweets and messages is the best way to increase interaction across the board. Take advantage of holidays that are coming up. St George’s Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day – when you use these holidays to make one-off offers they are sure to drag people in. You just have to be on the ball and ahead of the game to fully take advantage.

Optimising your company’s outreach is as simple as ensuring you’re targeting the right prospective audience, but it can make a monumental difference to the new customers that reach out to you.