How To Organise Your Own Music Festival

How To Organise Your Own Music FestivalSource: Flickr

Launching a new music festival is going to require a lot of hard work. However, it is possible for you to make millions of dollars in only a couple of days. That is why there are so many different events around already. So long as you follow the right process, you could become rich. Of course, there is lots of competition out there, and so your marketing talents will come into play. You need to convince people that your event is better than the alternatives. We’ll show you how to do that throughout the course of this post. Take our advice, put it to good use, and 2016 could be your year!

1. Finding a Suitable Venue

It’s always sensible to look for an outdoor venue if your festival lasts for more than one day. That often means sending thousands of emails to farmers who might let you rent a field. The best thing about that is you won’t have to hand over any cash until just before the event. That means you can wait until people purchase their tickets and avoid investing any of your cash. Before you agree to book a venue, you must first call relevant insurance companies. You need to find a specialist that it willing to provide a policy to cover the venue and your event.

2. Getting the Equipment

There is no getting away from the fact that you will need to purchase lots of equipment for your festival. You need a professional P.A system, a stage, and lots of other items. The best way of getting them is to contact an established hire shop. You should try to strike a deal that allows you to use their technology and equipment for free. How do you do that? Well, it’s quite simple. Just agree to advertise their company on a banner fitted to the main stage.

3. Booking Musicians

You should always aim to book a wide range of different musical acts. That will help to ensure your event has the broadest possible appeal. To make your bookings, simply search online for agents. They all have websites these days that provide contact information. Just don’t forget to book acts that are appealing to children. Kids love music. Marketing towards family festival goers could mean you make a higher profit.

4. Sell Lots of Tickets

As we said, marketing your festival is important. People are never going to purchase tickets if they don’t get to hear about the event. Use specialist event registration and ticketing software to ensure everything is organised well. You can also promote your music festival on social media websites. Try to get some mainstream media attention too. Perhaps you plan to give 10% of the profits to a certain charity? That would be a newsworthy revelation that should help you to entice the press.

Creating a new music event is not easy. Even so, you should have no trouble achieving a reasonable amount of success. So long as you use those tips wisely, the occasion could become an annual thing. You’ll have the next Glastonbury on your hands before you know it.

Keep rocking!