How To Pass A Urine Drug Test In 24 Hours

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test In 24 HoursSource: Pexels

Have you ever been using addictive substances lately? Or, attended parties and social gatherings under the influence of drugs to make it livelier? Then suddenly, you receive a notice for a random drug test, either for a job interview or a routine job retrenchment procedure. Receiving such as alarming notice, well, that must be mind boggling for a person who habitually uses addictive substances.

So How Does One Pass A Urine Drug Test In 24 Hours?

A lot of home remedies can be done but they do not guarantee a 100% passing rate, ever. Sometimes they may lead to failure; other times to huge disasters – just take your pick. The chances of detection depend on how much you have taken, as well as how often and how big you are. Cannabis, especially, may stay in your system for days. Unlike other substances, THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, can easily be detected in your urine. They sneak in your fatty tissues and can stay there for a while. If you’re lucky, some biochemical process may naturally flush it out of your system through sweating and urination. If not, well, you have to take it upon yourself to get “cleaner.”

Here are some home remedies we can recommend.

1. Increase Water Intake

First thing that comes to mind is this remedy. Simple as it is, we try to flush out the waste that marijuana substances produce. The only challenge is that we don’t know the length of time of the metabolic process. We also have to consider that all of us are different and thus, many factors will affect how each individual’s metabolism will cope. Some of these factors are diet, age and work. Check out more info here:

2. Cranberry Juice

This is one famous diuretic drink. It is available as concentrated juice in convenient stores and supermarkets. It works as a cleansing diuretic drink and at the same time gives your body the vitamins and minerals it needs. It is sometimes called a detoxifying drink.

3. Increase Vitamin C Intake

According to studies, one essential function of vitamin C, is to help breakdown fatt cells and tissues. The process helps eliminate substances such as THC, which is found in cannabis that has sneaked into those fat cells. Vitamin C is incorporated in intravenous fluids given to recovering addicts during the first phase of detoxification in a hospital setting.

4. Lemonade Juice

This famous detoxifying agent also intensifies our immune system. It eliminates free radicals and flushes out toxins. Free radicals are by products or metabolic waste that comes from food and substances that we ingest.

These are only few of the home remedies that are common and easy to prepare. They help but take note that they do not guarantee that you can pass the urine drug test in 24 hours. If you have done these remedies, you can test yourself by buying a test kit in advance – or before anybody else can take a peek on your final results.

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test In 24 Hours

Source: Pexels

For regular cannabis users, it’s a battle between a habit and maintaining your status in life and career. It’s a make or break sort of thing; a very slim margin of getting caught or NOT getting caught while engaging in habitual use. The problem with these substances lies in the tolerance, toxicity and dependency it creates in people’s lives. The longer an individual uses an addictive substance, the higher the tolerance before noticing signs of toxicity. Then, dependency soon follows (read more). Because it has been a part of users’ day-to-day existence and it makes everything feel smooth and vivid, having a daily dose (or doses) can make life seem easier and meaningful – for a while, at least. All of this becomes ugly when a short notice comes in, such as one saying that there’s going to be a random drug testing in the next 24 hours.

Just think about it. You’re having fun with your life, doing everything to maintain your position in the society, and suddenly – everything’s going to get messed up by a single drug test.

Not to worry, there are still several ways to make sure that you pass the drug test even when it’s on short notice.

1. Synthetic Concentrated Urine

Recent years have been spent much on ways and management. Businesses focused on how things can be resolved and increase the likeliness of people passing a drug test. Synthetics are some of the best options you have as long as it is concealed properly. The success of the procedure depends on the subject itself.

This technique provides the testing facility perfectly clean urine, which will theoretically lead to a 100% passing rate. The synthetic concentrated urine comes with a gadget. This gadget will maintain the urine temperature the facility needs for the test. It’s very handy and can easily be concealed. One good thing is because it is a device; it can be shared and can be used multiple times. The most important thing is to carry out the procedure with no hassle or delay. The objective is to get things done convincingly – so think that your whole future depends on it. It must also be done professionally and discreetly, the purpose of which is to go on with your life, and stay with your status in the society without harming others. Lastly, you may also check out Drug Testing Reviews resource to keep yourself well-informed.

All over the world, drug testing has been a protocol since the drug menace had full blown and people blatantly coped up with stresses by using substances that may reward their mental state but may create bigger problems later on.

2. Additives

These are special solutions that when incorporated with the urine can produce so called miracles. They neutralise the toxins found in the urine, increasing your chances of getting a passing result. Same with other synthetics, you have to conceal them properly because cheating is never tolerated in this type of situation. People are already in a state of paranoia due to different reports from several media groups that link certain crimes to substance influence. This is why drug testing is kind of a big thing nowadays. Drug dependents are threats to big projects and organisations. Thus, politicians and businessmen alike are becoming more active in the fight against it.