How To Protect Your Business From A Burglary

3 Ways To Protect Your Business From A BurglarySource: Pixabay

If you’ve left your job and risked everything to get a business off the ground, then the whole operation will obviously be very important to you. All businesses face a range of threats, but one of the commonly overlooked ones is burglary. Being a victim to this kind of crime can set your business back years. Ensure you’re not making yourself a target by taking these security precautions.

Make sure to get strong and reliable locks for all the doors on your premises. Obviously, burglars will see this and won’t like their chances of a quick and easy job. However, there’s another side to the coin. If a burglar does decide to target your store, a particularly strong lock will mean that they have to actually damage the door in order to gain access. Believe it or not, you might want this to happen! With a lot of burglary insurance for businesses, there needs to be proof of forced entry for the company to pay out. When browsing for locks stick to the pin-tumbler cylinder type, with at least 5 pins. These are the hardest kind of locks to pick, and ill push the burglar to either do some damage or give up.

Talk to your management and review key control as well. While a lot of store burglaries involve the robber breaking in, sometimes a key falls into the wrong hands. This will not only make the criminal more confident in their crime, but it may also make your burglary insurance defunct. You can reduce the risk of this happening by keeping as few copies of a key as possible. Tell all your employees with a key to leave it at home whenever they’re not using it. When issuing duplicate keys, make sure you keep detailed records about who has the key to what. It’s not a pleasant thought, but employees have been known to conspire with burglars. Whenever someone gets fired, or in fact leaves with no problems, make sure to retrieve their keys or change the locks.

Finally, get a decent CCTV system for the premises. If you’re running a retail outlet, then there’s an immediate advantage here. You can cover any possible blind spots, and make it easier for your staff to spot shoplifters. In a lot of cases, it can also shave a few dollars off your current insurance premium. Go to Security Camera King and have a look at some of your options. Take your time with planning out the system you want as well. It’s usually cheaper to buy a whole CCTV system in one than to add a camera here and a camera there as you go along. Make sure you know what you want as well. If the camera’s outside, then it will have to have a weather resistant lens. If it’s going to be aimed at a dark area, then make sure it’s infrared.

Take these three steps, and your business premises will have an exceptionally low chance of being burgled. The chances are low anyway, but it’s not a risk you want to take!